Wedding is an integral aspect of every religion, and for Muslims it is reckoned to be poetry in motion. Every part of the occasion, right from Nikah (wedding day) till Walima (reception) is portrayed like a dream. So, if the main event is an unforgettable one then why not have the same quotient with its introduction as well. This is where the best Islamic wedding cards make their way, whose beauty, vivacity and elegance can win the hearts of your friends, relatives and family members in the very first look.

What Are The Different Types of Islamic Wedding Cards?

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There are a wide range of Islamic wedding cards present in the market. Amongst the many you need to discover the one which expresses your desires, tradition and even represents the persona of the couple. Some of them are:

Envelope wedding cards: This is perhaps one of the most common invitations seen in every wedding. In this style, the main card is enwrapped in an envelope embossed with embellishments and metallic finish. Therefore, it comprises of two main parts that should be worked on which are the main card which invites the guest and the envelope in which the main card is placed.

Scroll wedding cards: Delivering royalty at its best are the scroll wedding cards. If you are planning for a grand and royal theme then there cannot be a better option than this one. After all, this history of scroll dates back to ages where emperors utilized them as a medium of invitation.

Customized wedding cards: The customized wedding cards have gained immense popularity. In this style, you can craft each and every element of the invitation based on your creativity and choices. It is regarded to be a perfect option for those couples who wish to add a personalized touch to their invitaions, something that would drive exclusivity to their cards.

Various Symbols and Words Used in Islamic Wedding Cards

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The different Islamic wedding invitations have one thing in common and i.e. the symbols and wordings. After all, they depict the values, customs and faith that is associated with the marriage. Like the symbol of "Bismillah" that enriches the essence of Quran and reflects Allah, "Star and Crescent" which is an internationally acclaimed symbol that denotes faith in God and "Shahadah" that reflects compassion, harmony and sanctity.

Besides symbols, Islamic wedding card wordings play a significant role too. Special attention is often laid to the font, style and even color used in them. Important thing is that these Islamic wedding cards often begin with a quote that seeks blessings from God.

Never Forget the Accessories of Islamic Wedding Invitations!

No matter which type of wedding card you choose, having the perfect accessories is crucial. Hence, go for those that not only compliment the overall theme of the card but even capture the grandiose of the event.

Therefore, first discover an exceptional quality Islamic wedding cards and then work your way to the best accessories, so that it can have a lingering impression over each and every guest. As the invitation will serve as the first impression of the wedding, which undoubtedly matters a lot!