Wedding is a beautiful experience but we stuff in countless traditions, rules and norms. Times have changed, these traditions are being modified by the young generation for the convenience of the bride and groom. Today even designer wedding cards are customized according to the wedding theme selected by the bride and groom. A wedding should be planned according to the bride and groom ideas and only they should have the power to make the final decision for their "Big day".

Here are some of the most common new traditions :

Let the groom see his bride : There was a time when people used to say that it is bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding day. Well, those days are gone because it is important that the bride and groom should be connected with each other. Lot of things can go wrong, so they should support and motivate each other throughout the process before walking down the aisle. These days it is seen that bride and groom meet each other alone just before they walk down the aisle.

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Man of Honor : Well, as the title suggests it is one of the most important position in an wedding ceremony. It is seen that many brides these days prefer Man of Honor over Maid of Honor. This position is entitled to the bride's brother or her best friend. It is his responsibility to see to it that everything goes on smoothly.

Desserts : The wedding cake used to be the center of attraction for every wedding. But today when it comes to desserts you have countless options. You can chose from some of the most delicious flavours like red velvet, guava, white chocolate raspberry, cupcake towers, mini dessert shots, large candy station etc.

No more Seating Arrangements : Weddings have become a very casual and fun affair. The rules have change and one of them are allotting specific seating arrangement to every guest. Which according to me was a total waste of time and efforts. Today at a wedding you can sit where you can and with whomever you wish to. It is a very fun environment where people socialize with each other building new bonds.