Indian weddings are an elaborate affair. The geography, region, state, caste etc.. dictate the rituals. Each region has a different unique traditional cuisine. With the changing times and exposure to a variety of cuisine and people. A lot has changed at the weddings. People are adopting from other regions and culture and modifying their own ceremonies to make them memorable and an enjoyable affair for the bride and the groom.

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Things like a Bachlerrote party, cocktail parties followed by the traditional ritual, mehendi and sangeet ceremonies adopted by the south Indians [who don't have it traditionally as a part of their wedding ceremony], modern attire etc are just a few examples. The most important link is the food. Irrespective of the ritual food forms a major attraction to the weddings and receptions. Increasingly weddings now serve a more global cuisine especially in the metros.

A lot of times the weddings are themed. E.g. either it has a certain pre dominant colour as theme or a certain type of wedding decor etc. Some popular themes are the royal wedding theme where the attire, decore, cuisine is as per the regal taste and tradition. Another theme is the peacock theme or the white and gold theme or the Arabian night theme etc. The choice of wedding attire, wedding gifts and the cuisine follow this theme.

Some cuisine recommendations are as follows:

A lot of times a north wedding has few south Indian dishes. A pre dominant south Indian cuisine. This could involve bite size idlis, and variety of dosas, adai and idiyappams etc for starters. These are a big hit at weddings.

A rainbow themed wedding could serve cocktails/mocktails in the rainbow colours. The soups and sweets could also follow suit. Other than providing a visual delight, the innovation at the food stall can completely mesmerise the guests.

One of the favourite cuisines is the continental. This allows for a lot of options and playing around and most guests love the food. Many choices for the starters and main meals are available here. Pastas, bite size pizzas, pasta salads and just a few of many dishes that are welcomed to take away the boredom from oily greasy traditional food.

A lot of people jump from starters to dessert and don't bother with the main meals. Guests of all ages look forward to the dessert counter. Fruit custard, Falooda, floats, roll kulfi, Aam raas [seasonal], exclusive payassa like the ada payassa, pradhanam, sandwich ice cream, fried ice cream, mousse, and fruits with cream etc.. are sure to completely rock the dessert counter. Happy faces are seen to exit the wedding venue.

So if one is able to crack the food at the weddings, the guests are sure to go back happy and remember that wedding for a long time to come.