Whether it's Hindu, Sikh or Islamic wedding; vows definitely hold great importance which cannot be replaced by emotions or sentiments. The promise of being together, the promise of understanding each other, the promise of respect and the promise of love everything encapsulates with vows.

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But, just like the diversity in marriage ceremonies there is some of sort of difference in the vows too. But the aim is always the same and i.e. to have a beautiful life ahead nurtured with love, care and prosperity.

It Starts and Ends With A Consent

The Quazi or Islamic prophet plays an integral role in wedding vows. Basically, during the Nikaah as mentioned in Islamic wedding cards or wedding day, both the bride and the groom have to give their consent on a legal contract as stipulated by the Quazi.

This contract abides by the rules and regulations of Muslim Marriage Act, and hence by signing on this contact the couple guarantees to abide by the legal law. But, are Islamic wedding vows only about the legal contact? No, in reality it is much more than that!

The Islamic wedding code of conduct as stipulated by the Quran tells a lot about the vitality of a husband and wife relationship. It holds some amazing vows such as:

The bride and the groom both agree to stay with each other even at the toughest and happiest times of their lives.

The bride guarantees that her husband will be her utmost priority and she would never neglect him on any terms. The same acceptance is even by the groom for the bride.

They promise to pass the obstacles of their life with truth, honesty, morality and intellectuality but always together.

Right from the Islamic wedding cards till the wedding vow, everything is done in a most beautiful and traditional manner. Therefore, it is rightfully said that vows are the heart of any wedding and enticing wedding cards act just like an icing on this cake. So, a perfect wedding starts and completes with magical vows that stay with the bride and groom till the end of their lives!