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People choose Indian wedding cards for various reasons. These reasons help display the beauty of the local people during wedding preparation. Indian weddings are characterized as colorful and always lively. This is also exhibited on invitation cards.

There are plenty of Indian invitation cards to choose from. You can choose existing designs or come with your own ideas. Therefore, be assured of uniqueness when you choose Indian cards. Invitations should be sent to guests a few weeks or months to your special day.

Therefore, the earlier you prepare invitation cards, the easier it will be to reach out to your guests. Wedding cards play the following role:

    • They give your guests a clue on the kind of wedding they should anticipate from your special day. It is in terms of type of wedding and dress code.
    • It acts as a form invitation to your wedding. Understand not everyone will attend your wedding event without being invited. Therefore, it’s important to send invitations to friends and family members.
    • They provide details about an event. This ranges from the venue of the event, date and the program of the day. Thus, your invite guests can efficiently plan their day.
    • Some invitation cards offer direction to those unfamiliar with the terrain.

How Should an Indian Wedding invitation Card Look Like?

Understand there is a designer Indian wedding card that should be followed anytime you want to send invitations to your friends and family members. This format has been passed from one generation to another. Consequently, it is what defines the famous Indian weddings. Follow the below guidelines when coming up with your own design:

    • The Host section- As we all know, Indian weddings are more of a traditional affair. Hence, the host section should be at the top of your invitation card. Here, you can include your parents' or grandparents' names. It is more of respect involving your family in the entire wedding event.
    • Invitation message- The main aim of wedding cards is to invite your friends and family members to your event. Hence, go the extra mile and invite them to your special event. Ensure the invitation message makes you guests feel special and appreciated. It increases the chances of someone attending your event. You can include the names of your invited guests if necessary.
    • Names- The names of the bride and the groom must be included in the invitation card. You can include the bride’s name at the top or vice-versa, depending on your preference. The names of the bride and the groom inform individuals whose event they are attending.
    • Parents’ name- Your Indian invitation card should have the bride’s and the groom’s parents name beneath their names. There are various options of writing the bride’s name. Therefore, choose the one that complements your invitation style.
    • Information section- This is where you provide more details about your special event. It can be the date of the event, venue of the ceremony, reception venue and the time which the event commences, among others.

Factors That Influence the Invitation Card Your Will Choose

There are plenty of Indian wedding invitations to choose from. In short, there is something for everyone. There are plenty of factors that influence the invitation card you can choose for your special day. Below are some of the factors to consider:

    • Budget- This is a crucial aspect of wedding preparation and should be taken seriously. Wedding cards have different price tags. Thus, your budget will limit you on the kind of kind of design you can choose. Therefore, be reasonable when setting aside a budget. It directly influences the kind of invitation card you can afford.
    • Wedding theme- Understand invitation cards directly reflect the wedding theme in your event. Hence, choose a wedding card that directly complements the theme in your wedding event. People use invitation cards to predict the theme in an event.
    • Duration left- Some people send invitations a few weeks to their wedding event, whereas others send invites to their guests months to their special event. Analyze the remaining time and determine if you have time to send physical invitation cards or you should solely focus on digital wedding cards.
    • The Hired designer- Do you know the kind of designer you hire determines the kind of invitation card you can afford? This is why you should carefully hire an experienced card designer.

How to Secure Indian Invitation Wedding Cards

Are you contemplating where to get your invitation wedding cards? If yes, there are various paths you can choose. Here are some of them:

    • Purchasing readymade designs from different platforms like websites and application. Invitation cards dealers and designers have established online platforms to give their consumers an easy time purchasing an invitation card. Simply peruse through the platforms until you land a marvelous design. Afterward, reach out to the owner for guidance on how to make payment and personalize the invitation card.
    • There is an option of hiring a designer and leaving everything up to them. However, it’s advisable to peruse through their samples to determine if you love their work or not. Remember the card designer you hire determines the kind of wedding card you can attain.
    • You can also take existing invitation cards and customize them. Customization is important because you should focus on unique designs.

There are also plenty of tips you can use to find the best wedding card designer. First, look for a designer near your location. It will be easier to monitor the progress of your design. Remember, you might require some rectifications during the designing process.

There is also an option of asking recommendations from friends and family members. Individuals who had Indian weddings can easily recommend a wedding card designer.

There is also an option of conducting your own research. Highlight the criteria you want before stepping into the market in search for a designer.

It is evident that wedding invitation cards play an important role in the success of a wedding event.