As part of an ancient Hindu tradition, Indian wedding cards are dispersed in running water in order to have a long marriage. While there are ample options for impressive invitation cards, brides and grooms often prefer scroll formats to leave a royal impression on the guests. Scrolls were also the first form of editable record keeping documents used by ancient Egyptian civilizations and then passed on to the royal courts. A good invitation cards vendor can suggest some of the most popular styles in scrolls, according to your budget and personal preferences.

Indian Wedding Cards: Features of Scroll Cards

Here are some of the major features of Indian wedding card scrolls that you can consider according to your budget and the theme of the wedding:

  • Stationary: Vendors are increasingly catering for environment friendly hosts by designing impressive Indian wedding cards with organic, hand-made paper. Of all the handmade stationary, , scroll cards crafted in resham paper are considered the most popular options among quality driven customers. It has a smooth and soft texture, which is sure to delight the recipients and establish the host as being quality conscious.
  • Support bars: The attractive thing about scrolls is that they are elegantly supported by support bars on both ends. Most customers complement the plastic support bars with gold, silver or other metallic color gilding. Metallic colored and traditionally crafted support bars contribute to the royal aesthetics of the entire Indian wedding card.
  • Embellishment:Scrolls are secured with beautiful strings and bell arrangements that elevate the appeal of the invitation. Scrolls that are secured with metallic tone threads give the invitation its luxurious appeal. Most vendors accent the threads with bells arrangement to complete the traditional look.
  • Wording printing: Traditional scrolls are printing with metallic colors, like gold, silver and others, in order to highlight the festive look of the invitation. A good vendor would be able to suggest how you could match the printing color with the color of the invitation paper elegantly.
  • Presentation: It is highly convenient to post these Indian wedding cards as the scrolls come with sophisticated boxes made of cardboard or elegant envelops made of silk paper. You can choose any color of your choice to complement the theme of the wedding.

Make sure that you choose a reliable vendor, who offers creative and good quality Indian wedding cards at affordable prices. Visit the vendor's website in order to know about their special offerings before placing the order.