The invitation cards play very important roles in informing the guests about the details of the wedding and invite them cordially to join the wedding functions. Therefore, the wordings of these invitation cards should be selected carefully, to express the love and honor of the wedding couple for the invited guests. But there are some common Indian wedding quotes that the professional wedding card designers can suggest to their clients for relieving them the effort of searching suitable wordings.

Indian Wedding Quotes Indian Wedding Quotes

Most important Indian wedding quotes used in invitation cards

    • Keeping to the Indian traditions, the wedding invitation wordings always starts with a religious quoting from any religious scripture or a phrase coined in the phrase of any deity. So many Hindu wedding cards start with a Sanskrit quote, while the Islamic cards start with a quote from the Holy Quran. These religious quotes are put at the beginning of the invitation wordings to seek the divine blessings for the new couple.
    • Now many modern couples also prefer to put in a romantic quote in their own mother tongues, which state their emotions for each other and their joy for this new relationship. There are some traditional quotes in the Indian languages that are favored by the young couples and their families.
    • Sometimes, the lines from famous romantic or matrimonial poems in local languages may be used as wedding quotes in the invitation cards. The reputed wedding card makers keep an array of these popular quotes, among which the clients are free to choose anyone that suits their requirements.
    • There are some wedding quotes that state the matrimonial promises of the husband and wife towards one another, telling that they will support each other in all circumstances of life, no matter what happens to them, till their deaths.
    • Few sacred Sanskrit hymns are chanted during the Hindu marriage ceremony, any of which can be mentioned in the wedding invitation cards. These quotes generally mean the promises of the husband for his wife, for protecting her and taking care of her the whole life. The hymn chanted during the Saptapadi or the holy Seven Steps that initiates the marital bond between the new couple is also popularly imprinted on many wedding invitations.
    • Now the fashionable modern couples even prefer to mention the hit romantic Bollywood dialogues about the mutual love and relationships of the couples. They also like to imprint the lines of their favorite romantic Bollywood songs, preferably lipped by their most favorite actors. These quotes can be of serious mood or even funny, but all are related to the love of the romantic couples.
    • As most of the Bollywood films are based on romance, the wedding card designers find plenty of such quotes from the Hindi films to suggest to their clients. Some couples also prefer to have English quotes from the popular Hollywood movies, so that their foreigner guests also understand the depth of the love between the new couple.

Therefore, now it is very easy to choose the wedding quotes for the Indian couples, due to the availability of plenty of options for them.