Wedding is a grand affair. It requires months of preparation and planning. In an Indian wedding, invitation cards hold a special place. They comprise of high religious significance. No Indian wedding is complete without a wedding card. Even if Indians reside in USA, they make sure to begin this auspicious occasion with a wedding invitation.

Best Indian Wedding Card Best Indian Wedding Card

Essential elements of Designer Wedding Card from India

Due to vast diversity in culture you will come across a plethora of wedding card styles. Many Indians have settled in the USA and other parts of the world. The introduction of online shopping will let you find designer wedding card from India easily and quickly.

Certain factors that need to be considered at the time of purchasing designer Indian wedding cards include:

1. Budget

2. Design

3. Color

4. Size

5. Font

6. Material

7. Courier friendliness

8. Decoration

9. Invitation scrolls

10. Religious icons

Detailed Description of Factors to Ponder

Wedding cards contribute a lot in enhancing the overall grace of the occasion. Below is the detailed description of each and every factor:

  • Budget - Wedding cards are available in wide range of costs. It will be better to decide a budget beforehand so that selection of cards becomes easier.
  • Design - You may go with traditional, contemporary or modern design of wedding cards. Cards that comprise of religious motifs along with quotes and astonishing design will create a better impact.
  • Color - The color as well as design of envelope must match with the invitation card present inside. Some of the dominating colors include red, saffron, golden yellow, green and tones of pastel colors.
  • Size - Designer wedding cards are available in wide assortment of shapes and sizes. The size must be on the basis of total number of events to be held before and after wedding.
  • Font - Along with color, design and size; the font of content also plays a vital role. The font must be such that it can easily impress the eyes of readers. The content must be readable to all.
  • Material - The quality of paper taken into usage in manufacturing the card makes a difference. It is better to go with high quality material as it will make the card highly impressive and attractive.
  • Courier friendliness - The size and weight of the card must be such that it can be easily sent from one place to another. It must be easy and convenient to handle.
  • Decoration - Nobody prefers a simple looking wedding card. It must be decorated with golden threads, gemstones, mirrors and colored stones to reflect a rich look.
  • Invitation scrolls - You can make your wedding card special by simply including invitation scrolls. You may go with paper scrolls, invitation card boxes and many more.
  • Religious icons- Inclusion of icons of Hindu Gods and Goddesses enhances the grace of a Hindu Wedding Card. Printing an icon on the top of the card is today's trend.

You may also go with cards that mimic tattoos of henna. Better to approach a reputed and reliable online store to get the card of your choice at moderate range.