Penning down of wedding vows is really an incredible way to personalize wedding ceremony. It is a golden opportunity to tell your own story followed by sharing your own heartfelt feelings in an open manner. Hence it is very much essential to come up with the right type of words so that it really sounds to be something creative.

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Tips to be Followed for Writing of Wedding Vows

Though a bit challenging, writing of heart touching wedding vows will really prove to be a fruitful one! By following some of the tips mentioned below, it will become easy to pen some interesting wedding vows:

1. Right words to be used

2. Focus on the relation

3. Use a casual tone

4. Go with the format

5. Write promises

6. Make it short as possible

7. Do not write anything which can be embarrassing

8. Be audible

  • Coming up with the right type of words - Vows imply towards the feelings that you will be expressing towards your loved once in front of others. Hence, it is very much important to choose wordings in a highly careful manner. They must sound pleasing and heart touching.
  • Taking relationship into consideration - It is better to take some time to think about the relationship so that you may express your feelings in the best manner. You may mention about some special moments shared together and express your views on the same.
  • Casual tone - Wordings included into vows must comprise of a pleasing as well as casual tone. To be precise, it must sound that you really care about each other from the core of your hearts. Love from the heart can be easily expressed in words through proper thinking.
  • Agreeing on the format - It is a fact that every writing piece comprises of a specific format. By following the format sincerely, it will become much easy to jot down the matter. Also, it will sound to be an interesting one. Else, it may sound like written just for sake of writing.
  • Coming up with promises - Promises play a vital role in case of preparing of vows. Thus, it is very much important to include only those promises that comprise of a broad scope. Some of the best ones include remaining supportive to each other, expressing your heartfelt love towards each other and many more.
  • Avoiding inclusion of anything embarrassing - As you will be inviting your family as well as friends to serve as witnesses, it is essential to eliminate something that is embarrassing and boring. Jokes, anecdotes and obscure code words must be included within a certain limit.
  • Shortening vows up to a few minutes only - Vows play an important role during a marriage ceremony. Hence, they must sound to be an interesting one. Also, they must be not that long as doing so will make it sound boring. It must be of duration of specific minutes only.
  • Remaining audible enough - While on the way to express your vows, you need to be audible enough. It must sound that you are talking from the core of your heart. It must be easy and sound truly conversational.

These are some of the golden rule that need to be followed at the time of preparing and writing of vows. Doing so will prevent it from sounding to be a dragged one.