Destination weddings are now quite popular among the affluent class of the society in India, who like to make the weddings of their family members to be memorable for lifetime. Many rich people choose their favorite tourist spots as the venues of their weddings, so that the wedding guests can have a lovely vacation, apart from attending the marriage ceremony. But there are several preparations to be done, for organizing such weddings in places far away from homes. So the family members of the new couple and the wedding planners need to take care of many important factors, to make the weddings enjoyable for all.

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Major things to do for planning a successful destination wedding

  • The chosen location should be easily accessible and well connected by flights, trains or roads; so that the wedding guests can reach there without facing any hassle. It is also necessary to check whether the traveling cost to that place is affordable by all the guests.
  • If flight is the only option for reaching the wedding destination, then the flight timing should match with the wedding schedule, so that the guests do not miss any part of the wedding. Hence, it is best to check online the available flight schedule to that airport from all other places from where the guests will be coming.

  • The numbers of the wedding guests should be confirmed and the hotel accommodation should be booked accordingly, to make the guests feel perfectly at home. If money is no constraint, then the entire hotel or resort can be booked for 1-2 days, to avoid any disturbance from the usual tourists.

  • All the bookings related to a destination wedding should be done months ago and even the guests should be notified about the exact venue and all wedding arrangements there, to help them schedule their programs accordingly.

  • It is better to arrange for makeup artists, who can take care of the hairstyle and the makeup touches of the guests in their hotel rooms only.

  • A family member should be entrusted with the responsibility of welcoming the guests at the airport and bringing them to their hotels in the wedding destination, to ensure that they reach the exact venue safely.

Primary mistakes that should not be done in case of a destination wedding

  • The guest list should not be too long, as it can be a huge problem to accommodate too many people in a faraway place. Also, the numbers of guests coming from both the bride and the groom should be counted, to avoid all future commotion.
  • If the wedding is arranged to be held outdoor amidst the wonderful natural scenery, then it is better not to put in too much artificial decorations at that place, so that the people present there can enjoy the remarkable beauties of the nature.

  • In case of an outdoor wedding ceremony, it will be a serious mistake if there is no backup arrangement for an indoor wedding as well. The wedding ceremony should continue uninterruptedly even if there is any unpredicted rainfall or storm.

  • The dresses of the new couple and their families should be chosen according to the climate prevailing in the scheduled wedding destination.

Thus, the new couples and their families can pack their luggage and head for the wedding destination in peace, if everything is arranged wisely long before.