When a wedding of a person is fixed with his/her dream life partner, the families of both the bride and the groom want to share their joy with all close friends and relatives, by inviting them with unique wedding invitation cards. Apart from the traditional printed form of wedding cards, the digital wedding cards are now highly popular among the modern couples and their families, who prefer to send their wedding invitations online, through emails or by sharing on the social media sites. But the latest trend of sending video wedding invitations is very unique and demands more creativity than any other forms of wedding cards.

The video wedding cards generally comprise of any favorite romantic music video of both the bride and the groom, or a specially created video containing several photos of the wedding couple. There are some specific advantages of sending these video marriage cards, for which more and more wedding couples are now getting interested for this new form of digital cards.

Special facilities of using video wedding cards in modern marriages

  • Shows more innovative ideas - The videos incorporated into the wedding cards show unique creativity and are mostly customized according to the specific tastes of the wedding couple, by featuring their favorite music video or film scene, which can express their joy for this marital union. The video can also be formed by a few artistic photos of the new couple with their family members, from which the guests will be know more about them and their backgrounds.
  • Can provide personalized messages - These video invitations can be made personalized for the invited guests, by including a short personal message from the bride or the groom, specially addressing each guest, in the particular video marriage card sent to each one of them, which will make them feel special for the new couple and their families.

  • Gives instant acknowledgement - These videos are provided with RSVP links, on which the guests just need to click their response, whether they are joining that wedding or not. So the families of the wedding couple can get an estimate of the number of guests attending the wedding functions, almost as soon as sending the online invitations. Also, they can be sure that the intended recipients have actually received and seen the wedding invitations, sent to their email ids.

  • Much cheaper in costs - The digital video cards are much inexpensive than the traditional printed wedding invitations. Since the process of sending the emails is absolutely free, the senders can send innumerable number of emails to all their acquaintances; which would have cost a huge amount of money, if printed cards were to be sent.

  • Can be sent only a few days before - Earlier, the wedding couples needed to send the wedding cards months before their date of wedding, to ensure that the guests really get those invitations in time. But now the brides and the grooms can send their digital wedding invitations only a few days before their marriage date, as the emails take only a few seconds to reach their destinations, while postal service took many days to do the same job.