Weddings have always been a great occasion and this fact is not affected by geographical borders. Every individual finds his or her wedding day very special. A wedding invitation also has to be special so that people know it is your special day. Here we have listed a few easy tricks to customise wedding invitations from India and giving it your personal touch. Hope the tips help you.

Add Your Pictures

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Let Your Cities Show

If you and your husband hail from different cities, you may use your wedding card to depict this fact. Like if you belong to Mumbai and he belongs to Delhi, let the card have prominent landmarks of both the cities on it.

Add Your Own Message

Many people have some thoughts and feelings about their special day. If you are one of them, you must go for the customised card. Prepare the special message and ak the card makers the maximum length they permit for the message. You can even write a four line verse.

Use Unique Materials and Designs

The material used in a wedding card reflect your personality. Go for eco-friendly cards if you really care for the surroundings.
You can also include a map in your wedding card to guide the visitors to the venue. This is a very useful and creative idea.

Go For Online Wedding Invitations

If you do not believe in printed cards and adhering to past traditions, go for an online card. You can design the entire card all by yourself. You may then use the mailing list to forward the card to all your near and dear ones.

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