When a wedding date is fixed, the greatest excitement runs about buying the best wedding dress for the bride. As per the Indian tradition, most of the brides want to drape in the most beautiful and gorgeous wedding sarees that are available in the market. There are varieties of wedding sarees, manufactured by the prominent textile companies of the country, as well as the stunning sarees designed by the reputed dress designers.

Factors to be seen when choosing bridal sarees

There are many bridal collections of amazing sarees available for the brides now, but they should choose the ones that suit them the best. The renowned designers exhibit all kinds of bridal sarees in their stores, to fit the requirements of most of the brides.

Color of the bridal saree

Color of the bridal saree Color of the bridal saree | Image Resource : stylecenter.info

According to the Indian culture, red is considered to be auspicious for marriage. Hence, most of the brides are seen to be choosing red saree only for their weddings, which also look more gorgeous during this special occasion. But in some region, the brides are also opting for different shades of yellow, as the mustard or wheat-colored shades are considered to be auspicious there and the fair girls really look more charming in bright yellow bridal sarees. Now vibrant purple and royal blue are also preferred by many modern brides, due to the grandeur in these colors.

Comfortable fabric of the saree

Comfortable fabric of the saree Comfortable fabric of the saree | Image Resource : 4.imimg.com

Though silk is widely used as the fabric of the bridal wear and numerous beautiful silk sarees are available in all parts of India; many modern girls prefer lighter weight fabrics, like georgette or chiffon sarees in their weddings. Sometimes, finest quality cotton sarees are also loved by some trendy brides, who like subtle look in their bridal dress.

Designs and patterns used

Designs and patterns saree Designs and patterns saree | Image Resource : media.weddingz.in

The designs and the patterns of a bridal saree are chosen according to the taste of the bride. The rapid use of embellishments in the saree is also chosen according to the choice, complexion and the figure of the bride, as well as the basic color of the saree.

Weather of the wedding time

Weather of the wedding time Weather of the wedding time | Image Resource : barrmansion.com

If the wedding is taking place in hot summer day, the bridal wear should be of lighter fabric and with less ornamentation. But in case of a winter wedding, heavy party wear sarees form the best bridal dress, comprising of gorgeous silk or satin fabrics, decked with expensive embroideries and crystals.

Current trend of bridal saree

Current trend of bridal saree Current trend of bridal saree | Image Resource : galstyles.com

The bridal saree should be chosen according to the modern fashion trend, as old-fashioned saree may make the bride a laughing stock to her new relations. Also, every bride wants to look best during her wedding, by wearing the most fashionable bridal saree, as per the latest fashion statements.

Cost of the saree

Cost of the saree Cost of the saree | Image Resource : sareedesigns.com

The designer bridal sarees are available in all types of prices, ranging from a few thousand to a few lakhs, even in the stores of the most reputed fashion designers. Thus, the girls from all financial backgrounds can afford to buy their bridal sarees, according to their status and budget for this wedding purchase.