Got an invitation for a bridal shower? Stuck with what to gift? Bridal showers gifts should be selected on the basis of style and preference of the bride. Your gift should be unique, that stands out among all and becomes a memorable present for the bride. With a variety of bridal shower gifts available in the market, picking a suitable one can be quite puzzling. Here are a few gifts ideas to help you narrow down your choice and make it easy for you to select one.

# Idea 1

A set of beautiful napkins, towels or placemats make affordable yet classy gift. You can pick a colorful, embroidered and beautiful set. Personalizing the napkin, towels or placemats is another option that you can consider.

# Idea 2

A designer dress or a gown can be a great gift option. The bride can wear the dress or the gown on the very next day, post wedding. You can consider the option of getting the bride's initials embroidered on the dress or the gown.

# Idea 3

Stylish and sexy lingerie makes the perfect gift to be presented at the bridal shower. Negligees make safe yet glamorous gift. You can consult the maid of honor to know the size of the bride.

# Idea 4

Bed linen would probably make an ideal gift for the bridal shower. Pick the one with fine silk finish or the one that has leopard or zebra prints.

# Idea 5

Sensual toiletries like massage oils and bubble bath always stand out as a bridal shower gift. Get them packaged in a classy basket to enhance the look of the gift.

# Idea 6

Incensed candles create a romantic ambience. You can gift an assorted variety of vanilla, jasmine, cedar wood and cinnamon scented candles.

# Idea 7

What can be better than arranging a free spa treatment for the bride? This will not only reduce her pre-wedding stress but will also make her feel pampered. It is preferable to look for a home based spa treatment.

# Idea 8
Gifting honeymoon accessories to the bride will probably be the best choice. You can gift her beach bag, towel, a short dress, flip-flops or a sarong.