Everyone wants their wedding cards to look royal and attractive, so that the invitees think high about the culture of the new couple and their families. So it is better to entitle special wedding card designers with the job of creating the best wedding cards, with the desired grandeur and sophistication. The cultural levels of the guests are also kept in mind, while designing these wedding invitations.

Royal Wedding Invitations Royal Wedding Invitations

  • Impressive designs- Usually, very creative and thoughtful designs are used by the competent designers, for creating the royal wedding invitations. The artistic pictures of royal processions or magnificent animals or birds, like elephants, lions and peacocks are portrayed on these kinds of wedding cards. Many people prefer the unique depictions of pink or blue lotus on their wedding cards, as this flower is considered to be sacred. Typical pictures of Rajasthani art form, mainly those of Radha Krishna are also favorites of many families.
  • Use of vibrant colors - Normally, everyone prefers the uses of bright colors in the wedding cards, to reflect the spirits of joy, respect and love of the wedding couple and their family members, for the invited guests. Though red is widely used, for being considered as the auspicious color in weddings; fluorescent pink, green, purple and deep blue are also used in many modern wedding invitations.
  • Interesting style - Many designers use scroll type cards, as the ancient kings used for sending their royal messages. Sometimes, the designers use fabrics instead of paper, in making these scrolls and decorate them with golden laces on the borders. Apart from scroll cards, the designers also create box cards, where the wedding card is enclosed in a hard box that may be made of cardboard or wood. This box is elaborately decked with satin ribbons and sequins. Some people also like to enclose some personal gifts for their guests in these boxes, along with the cards. Both these styles of royal cards are as expensive, as pretty and exclusive they appear.
  • Special texture of the cards - The royal wedding cards are often made of unique texture of papers; like the ones having metal finish or silk finish, to bring the extra shinning looks to these cards. The handmade papers are also greatly used for this kind of cards, because of their beautiful visibility and elegance, though they are costlier than the usual machine made papers.