When a girl's marriage is fixed with a suitable groom, it is a huge responsibility for her family to make all the necessary preparations for the wedding. Even the bride needs to take care of many things regarding her appearance on the D-day and few other essential matters that should not be missed before the wedding ceremony. So, it is better to make a checklist for the bride so that she does not forget anything important regarding her wedding.

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Brief checklist for any bride in India: must to remember!

  • The bridal hairdressing and makeup needs to start early on wedding day
  • The makeup artist needs to be reminded to bring all necessary stuff
  • The kit bag for bridal dressing should be packed carefully
  • The bag for spending the first night with the groom should be packed before
  • It is better for bride to keep someone for constant help
  • The arrival time of the groom and his family should be checked
  • The hairdressing and the bridal wear should be checked carefully after done
  • The transport for taking bride to parlour and back should be ready
  • The bride should wear dress that is easy to change in the parlour
  • The bride needs to know the backdoor through which to enter the wedding venue after dressing up

Bridal checklist helps the bride for a hassle-free wedding preparation

1. The bride needs to start her hairdressing and makeup at least a few hours before the wedding ceremony, because bridal makeover really takes a long time even for the most competent beauticians. The bride should confirm her appointment in the parlour once again on the early morning of her wedding date, to make sure that she gets ready in perfect time.

2. The makeup artist may be called up to remind her of keeping ready all the essential makeup items, which she agreed earlier to provide for the bridal makeup.

3. The bride should pack up a bag with all the items that are necessary for beautifying her bridal look. This bag should essentially contain the full bridal dress, most of the bridal jewellery including the maang tika and nose studs, matching footwear, hair pins and other hair accessories according to the chosen hairstyle, new makeup kit, tissue papers or cotton buds and perfumes.

4. Since the bride may not get any more time after returning from the parlour, she should organize the bag that she will be carrying to her new home. This bag needs to contain a pretty night suit to wear on her first marital night, few suitable dresses to wear on the next few days there and a pair of sandals to put on at the new home. She should also carry a makeup remover, all her necessary toiletries, her usual makeup kit and a night cream or lotion from a reputed brand. All her essential personal belongings, like her wallet, phone and charger should be packed as well.

5. As so much work can be tedious for the bride to do alone, it is best to ask a sister or close friend to be her help all the while, during her wedding preparations.

6. The bride should arrange to know the exact time of the arrival of the groom so that she can return from parlour well ahead of that time.

7. The bride should make sure that none of her dress or hair accessories come out later, while she is still in the parlour.

8. A car should be ready to take her to the parlour and back so that she can stick to the fixed schedules. This entire checklist can make the wedding successfully organized for an Indian bride.

9. The bride should wear a dress that will be easy for her to change without damaging her bridal makeup and the new hairstyle.

10. It is better for the bride to enter the wedding venue through a backdoor, to avoid being watched by all.

All these points may help the bride to have a wedding that will be a pleasant memory for her lifelong.