Low Cost Hindu Wedding Stage Decorations

Low Cost Hindu Wedding Stage Decorations

Great weddings tend to be etched onto people’s memories for a lifetime. But planning a great wedding takes a lot of effort and attention to detail to make everything prim and proper. Everyone dreams to have a beautiful wedding that will be absolutely unforgettable. If you are someone who has a Pinterest board with all wedding decors ideas yet are unsure which theme to follow it would be best if you hire a wedding organizer who would understand your point of view and what you want.

Perfect couples might be a match made in heaven but if you want the perfect wedding, working with a creative designer will definitely fulfil your wish of having a fairytale wedding. It is no secret that when it comes to Hindu weddings they are a grand affair.

There are a lot of aspects involved that need to be taken care of, so trying to cut down the budget by going for low cost Hindu wedding stage decorations is a good place to start from. Of course, keep in mind that before setting the stage it is very important to have a beautiful and opulent entrance.

1. You can never go wrong with florals

If you want to cut down the budget of your wedding stage then the best option you could go for is to incorporate as many florals as you can. Not only will it smell absolutely heavenly but the pictures will turn out to be pretty amazing.

2. Classic colour theme

Choosing a classic colour palette such as gold and regal maroon or peacock blue and silver is something you can never go wrong with. It’s timeless and classic. If you want a more traditional touch to your wedding chooses the former colour palette. However, if you want to go with a more modern touch choosing the latter option will be your best friend.

3. Pop of colour

Sure it is common to either choose maroon or gold or even blue for that matter but how about Fuschia pink or velvet red? A lot of Hindu weddings these days tend to add a pop of colour to their stage decoration. With the right kind of lighting and beautiful flower decors, it can look absolutely stunning.

4. Royal Indian wedding

If you want to feel like royalty on your wedding day what better option to go for than to choose an ensemble that looks right out of a royal palace. It might seem like an expensive choice but honestly, it is not, discuss with your wedding organizer and going for the correct props will transform your wedding stage.

5. Be simple yet classy

White is pure and classy, a colour that universally goes with anything. Go for a softer or darker shade that fits your wedding theme and you have a wedding stage that is simple yet classy. Break the monotony with some pretty flowers to either add colour or simply go for white flowers, either way, it will look just fine.

6. Quirky art decor

How about drawing inspiration from art itself? It might seem like a quirky idea at first but incorporating traditional elements into your wedding stage decor is something that will produce some of the best results. For instance, you could go for Van Gogh’s starry sky or the classic renaissance theme. Creativity has no limits so be a creative genius and you might as well come up with something new.

7. Mandap plus wedding stage

A gazebo-style wedding stage complemented with alluring white curtains and regal chairs. Now it might seem like an expensive choice however you might actually be surprised how much you can save with this budget-friendly option.

8. Candles make everything romantic

It is not a secret that candles make everything seem romantic. But it is not the usual candlelit dinner date we are talking about. It is your wedding and you want the affair to be a romantic yet grand occasion so how about incorporating beautiful candles in the background for a softer and romantic backdrop. Go for led candles (you don’t want real ones because they can cause a serious fire hazard).

9. Light it up

Curtains and flowers have already been ticked off the checklist so another thing that needs to be mentioned is lights. Lighting can make or break your wedding stage. If you want to add that whimsical touch to your wedding go for fairy lights. You can also choose the beautiful gold or amber lights for that golden glow!

There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to low budget wedding stage decors so open up your creative mind and get to work if you want the best memories of your life.