The irony of that heading is that, planning wedding receptions with customized themes can sometimes be too expensive on the pockets. A responsible hand, considerate, innovative and an economic wedding planner are all that you need. Today's younger generation has a lot more of that but a little less of opportunity. Find the right one and thrust them with all your wedding tensions and demands and your favorite reception theme idea from the 10 listed below.

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  • A fairytale theme is so easy to plan these days with the world never running short of the color pink and flower rose.
  • Beach themes would work well if you happen to own one or simply find some shore totally ordinary and turn it into something unexplainably amazing and breathtaki8ng.

  • Walking down the memory lane with a more personal touch to the theme based on the favoritism of the couple like where they first met, like the one common taste or idea that first brought them together.

  • Giving it to the families and completely go traditional and religious may seem impossible for the new trends in receptions today but hey! Your parents got married that way and they are not only economical but also superstitiously longer!

  • Imitating one's parents reception theme while wearing your grandmother's and your mother's gown or your great uncle's bow- tie is sure to make everyone shed a tear or two.

  • Leading the guests to anything natural set out in the divine woods, beside waterfalls and on mountain tops for receptions is something the couple will be remembered for in the future.

  • People get crazy while planning weddings and nothing more than having your first dance in the deep ocean with dolphins or high up among the clouds could validate the romantic insanity involved.

  • Simply inviting some close friends to your beautifully adorned backyard or country house implies the fact that you have finally found your home starting from your very own.

  • Reception themes can also get a little unique or weird when the blooming couples want not so obvious but rustic and metallic theme with anything old, antique and rusty.

  • Last of all, any place on the earth or theme can become the receiving end of the Almighty's blessings as long as you have the best of your loved ones surrounding you, a proud parent to walk you down the aisle, nosey yet amazing relatives and that wonderful pair of eyes ready to say "I do" at any cost by your side.