Traditionally in India a women's palms and feet were adorned with alta or mehendi. Eventually people graduated to the nail paints. Further product like nail primer, polish and enamel etc... came into play. Further down the French manicure became very popular. In the last few years nail art has become the hot in thing.

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What is nail art?

After a manicure or pedicure the nails are adorned with nail paint, elaborate designs, embellishes etc. This piece of art on nails is called nail art. Initially this started with arrangement of 2 colour shades, contrasting or similar. Eventually various designs, studs and diamonds made its way into nail art.

This new art form has now replaced the plain Jane red/maroon coloured nails of the bride. It's taken the bridal make up industry by storm. Brides are increasingly opting for this art.

Tips on how to use the nail art:

  • The nail art can make or break the look! Sharing few tips.
  • Visualise this, there are the several finger rings, heavy laden mehendi and then the nail art. Huge chance that all these could clash. Imagine you wear a black and white nail art against a bright red saree. Nail art may look really out of place.

  • Now visualise a Christian bride with her white gown/saree. This bride could wear skin colour nail paint with white intricate designs; or diamond studs. It would look simply outstanding and regal.

  • Similarly if the background of the nail matches the base colour of the saree, and a part of the saree is repeated as the intricate design on the nail, complete with gold emboss. I am sure we have a great look here.

  • However imagine having an elaborated emboss or embellished design with dangling diamonds etc. on the toes. These are sure to get entangled in the dress/sandal strap and trip the bride.

No we aren't scaring you, but just giving tips on what not to do. So now how to ensure the look is just right.

  • The artist is very important. Get references from friends/acquaintance. Check the persons work. Don't go by just their fees.
  • Patiently look through albums of their work. See the nail art against the backdrop of the wedding dress.

  • Experiment with a few looks. Get different designs done on hands and toes, take pictures and patiently decide what exactly you would like to use on 'the' day.

  • Share all the sarees/dresses you will be wearing on your wedding day with your designer. This will help them create a look.

    At these experimental you and your designer will get to know what problems could be faced with your nail type. E.g; are they brittle, too small, too big, too hard etc.. The designer and you together can work around it.

  • Do these experimental session atleast 2 months before your wedding day. So incase of any remedial action in terms of growing nail longer, any other treatment there is enough time on your hand.

We hope the above tips will help you with your D day preparations. Do drop in a line on what your preparations are like.