The auspicious wedding ceremony means that you need to do a lot of preparation beforehand. The Asian weddings are pompous and showy. This implies that wedding is a great affair not just in India but in all Asian nations like Pakistan, Bangladesh and even Afghanistan. The traditions in each case vary but the bottomline is that marriage is definitely a big deal.

Here are some things an Asian couple must keep in mind when they decide their wedding outfits.

The Dress

An Asian bride has several options to choose from when it comes to a wedding outfit. This is when you need to use your brain and wisely select your wedding 'joda' so that you are comfortable and beautiful at the same time.

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Color Of The Outfit

You may select colors that go with the season. Red and maroon are some of the most common colors when it comes to bridal wear. You must select attires that are beautiful and yet not harsh on your eyes. You may even opt for shades like Rani Pink and green which are common for bridal dresses.

Type Of Bridal Attire

The Asian brides have a multitude of options when it comes to bridal attires. You may choose to wear a Lehenga, Sari, Salwar Suit, Chanya Choli, Bridal Gowns, Lachas or Choodidars in your wedding. These are just a handful of the vast variety of Asian marriage attires. You must go for an attire that is light and comfortable. You may have to stand or stay in the same position for hours together. It is best to opt for light bridal wear during the summer season.

The Footwear

You may want to wear attractive jewel studded bridal shoes for your wedding but make sure that the footwear is perfectly comfortable. Wedding is a matter of a few hours but do not neglect your comfort. Go for heals you can comfortably walk in. If you are not comfortable in stilettos, you may choose platform heels instead.

The Jewelry

Select simple and attractive jewelry. It is best to avoid heavy jewelry in summer when you are bound to sweat. Avoid jewelry made of gold if you are allergic to it.

These tips will help you look good and feel comfortable during the wedding. Hope the suggestions prove useful to you.