In earlier times when the printing press was not invented, invitees were informed about a function or celebration through town criers. These were men who used to walk throughout the town and loudly announce the happening of the event. According to tradition, anyone who was within the ear-shot was considered an invitee. The invention of the printing press changed the whole scenario and gradually people started inviting people through invitation cards. Today we will discuss the important considerations that must be kept in mind before ordering south Indian wedding cards.

South Indian Wedding Cards: Things to Consider
The top considerations that must be kept in mind before finalizing South Indian wedding cards include:

  • Research

Before finalizing the design and theme of your wedding invitation card, don't forget to a bit of researching on your part. Known for their colourful and prestigious culture, south Indian wedding cards are usually designed with exclusive designs. Be it Lord Balaji motif or intricate golden designs all over brightly coloured cards, the couple or their respective families should choose the design they want.

  • Order card samples

Before giving a bulk order, it is advisable to ask the printer to provide you an actual sample of the south Indian wedding card chosen by you. This will enable you to check the quality of the card. Moreover, it will give you an idea of how the invitation will look after being printed.

  • When to place order?

What if the wedding is to take place in two days and you still haven't received your south Indian wedding cards from the printer? When will you receive them and when will you invite your guests? Such scenarios can be prevented by placing the card orders at the right time. Ideally, the order should be placed at least three to four months prior to the wedding date. Doing do ensures that everyone is invited on time and you are stress free.

  • How many?

It is advisable to always order at least 30 extra invitation cards. This is because you may forget to mention some people while preparing the guest list or might mess up a card while addressing it to the recipient. Therefore, ordering a few extra cards prove to be very helpful in such situations. Moreover, ordering extra cards might not add to your expenses that much. 
If you want to make sure that your wedding preparations go without any hassles, the aforementioned points should be taken care of while finalizing and ordering south Indian wedding cards.