Your home is you own little cosmos, your cozy universe, where family and hearth unite to relieve you of daily aches and pains. Moving house can be emotional for some, while some others may like to leave behind old friends and neighbors. A good way to cheer yourself and your family while getting acquainted with your new neighbors is to hold a house warming party. Some even do so to just organize get togethers or to show off a newly renovated house. Whatever your reason, here are a few tips on how to host a good house warming party.

Mind the etiquette
It is important to know the etiquettes before you start planning for a party. You need not bother about having unpacked cartons having your house stuff fully, but at least keep them in their respective rooms. Since a lot of visitors are likely to visit your bedroom and kitchen, you should these keep these areas clean and clear. Use disposable cutlery for serving food, not china ware. Keep delicate decorations out of reach from kids. Make sure your bathrooms are clean and tidy. If it is raining or snowing, provide space for the guests to hang/keep their protective gears.

Send informal invitations
A house warming party is an informal in nature, so should be the language on its invitation cards. You are free to use causal language in an invitation card, but make sure that you mention the direction to your new house clearly.

Organize introductions
Your old acquaintances may also show up along with new neighbors. So, you should arrange for everybody. Remember it is your responsibility to introduce people. Don’t worry about small mistakes.  You are new to this place, and people usually understand that. 

Offer a guided tour
Prepare a simple map of the house to show to your guests if you want them to explore on their own. Name the various rooms in the map itself. Else, take them in small groups through a guided tour of the house. Family members may take turns doing so.

Serve light
Given the situation, it might not be possible for you to organize a full scale lunch or dinner. Instead, you can offer snacks like chips, cookies, and pasta. Serve drinks as per the season. If however you are a zealous host, then organize a barbecue in the lawn or drive way outside. Also keep in mind that some curious neighbors whom you still don’t know might come over!

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