Is your friend or loved one getting married? What do you plan to gift them? Would you keep it conventional or something out-of-the-box? Here are a few ideas on what to gift newlyweds so that they feel special and pampered.

Top Eight Gifting Ideas for Newlyweds

Here are the top eight gifting ideas for newlywed couples:
1. Furniture
An empty and new house is one of the overwhelming things that newlyweds have to face. To free them from this situation, you can gift them beautiful furniture. It could be antique or modern, depending on their home décor, their choice and your budget.

2. Honeymoon Gifts
Nothing is better than surprising the newlyweds with a romantic getaway post their wedding. If this does not fit in your shoe-string budget, you can arrange for a romantic dinner in a nearby restaurant, in the proximity of where they plan to stay.

3. Electronics
If the couple is a gadget freak, what better than cameras, computer system or a play station? Getting a digital gift for the couple is not only classy, but practical as well. In case you know they already have a gadget, think of something else that is useful.

4. Picture Frames
Elegant and well-made photo frames can be greatly useful for newlyweds. You can frame the couple's picture, a picture of all of you together or an empty frame.

5. Designer Outfits
If you cannot figure out anything else, why not gift them designer outfits. They make lovely wedding gifts. To know their clothing sizes, seek help from their family or relatives. If that does not work out, you can gift matching accessories, such as watches and scarves.

6. Fine wine
A beautiful and relatively affordable gift would be a bottle of gourmet wine. Other options worth considering are brandy or scotch. You can decorate the bottle with a net and ribbon that adds to the grace of the gift.

7. Appliances
Though a classic gift, appliances are incredibly desirable. Be it a toaster, oven, microwave or a washer, this is the most practical gift you can give to the newlyweds. Check out their registry to see their requests or replace ancient appliances that they already have.

8. Money
If you cannot figure out anything to gift the newlyweds, simply gift money. Make sure you enclose the money in a classy or a flashy envelope so it does not look tacky. You can even write a personalized message on the envelope giving them blessings.

These are the top things you can gift to newlyweds so that they cherish it for a long time to come!