Do you know that the custom of bridal shower dates back to the 1890s? Since then, the tradition of bridal shower has undergone a complete transformation. However, till date, the conventional bridal showers efficiently capture the original spirit of yesteryears. Whether you plan to throw a party bash or an elegant evening, the theme of the bridal shower should be given utmost importance. Here are some of the popular themes that you can consider when planning the bridal shower.

1 .Garden Tea Theme
Décor: Hold the garden tea themed bridal shower in natural or outdoor settings.  Include colorful Chinese crockery with unique styles and designs. For an elegant and rich look, use tulip flowers and white table cloth.

Food: Pastries, mini-sandwiches, different varieties of tea and pastries make up for a delicious choice of food for a Garden Tea bridal shower theme.

Favors: You can give a personalized flower seed, small teacup candle holder or a unique shaped tea infuser.

 2. Asian Theme
Décor: For an Asian themed bridal shower, use Chinese centerpiece, oriental lantern and oriental fans. Cover the tables with metallic opalescent tablecloth. Hang solid gossamer pane on the wall and ceiling.

Food: You can include spring rolls, egg drop soup and crab Rangoon in your menu.

Favors: As favor you can present chopsticks or a Chinese box that is filled with goodies.

3. Middle Eastern Theme

Decor: Use beautiful drapes as a décor for the Middle Eastern bridal shower theme. Indian saris would be the perfect pick for the décor. Placing hookah on each table will give an authentic look to the décor.

Food: As appetizers, you can keep hummus that is served along with cucumbers and pita chips.

Favors: Incense favors are the perfect pick for the Middle Eastern bridal shower theme.

4. Spa Theme

Decor: To set the perfect mood for spa themed bridal shower, use candles along with baskets filled with towels, soaps and body washes.

Food: Healthy food such as fruit smoothies, delectable sandwiches, and vegetable salad makes the perfect menu for this theme.

Favors: As favors, you can present similar baskets that were used in decoration.

5. Luau/Hawaiian Theme

Décor: Wrap, hang or drape long light strands for decoration. Flowers are a must for a Hawaiian themed bridal shower. Use bright colored napkins and tablecloth.

Food: Hawaiian pizza with pineapple and ham, Kabobs, salmon fish is the perfect dish for this theme. Keep Daiquiries and Pina Coladas for drinks.

Favors: Leis (Hawaiian necklaces made of flowers) and sea shells make perfect favors for Hawaiian bridal shower theme.