Imagine if all wedding invitations you ever received looked all the same, conventional, uninteresting and boring. Well, to say the least, it will be way too monotonous and too insipid a note to begin the wedding celebrations. So, to save us from this drudgery, innovative wedding invitation card suppliers have come up with wonderful wedding invites that speak of innovation and creativity. Some may even look like works of art that can be preserved long after the wedding ceremony is over. A curtain-raiser to your big day, wedding invitations should be created to leave your guests spell bound.

Top Styles in Wedding Invitations

Here are the most popular styles of wedding invites created to attract attention and leave an everlasting impact.

1. Scroll Invitations

Majestic and royal, scroll invitations are very much in demand these days. They are available in a vast variety of styles and designs to pick from. Scroll Invitation cards are made from a variety of material such as tissue paper, handmade sheet, velvet, cloth and vellum paper. You can even get an image imprinted on the scroll invitations. These scrolls add a traditional and rich look to your wedding invite. Enclosing them in a golden or silver box makes them look more elegant and graceful. If you are looking for traditional and extravagant wedding invites, scroll wedding invitations would make the right choice.

2. Reverse Mirror Invitations 

These invitations are the most intriguing and unique kinds of wedding invitations. In these invitations, the wordings are inscribed in the reverse order and can only be read through a mirror. One cannot read the words with  normal eyes and will have to make use of a mirror to read the wedding invitation. To make it comfortable and easy for your guest, you can fix a mirror piece before the message.

3. Hand Made Invitations 

To give your wedding cards a personalized touch, opt for hand-made wedding invitations. These cards will reflect your creativity and interest in the arts. To make them more appealing, you can draw or sketch a picture of the groom and the bride. You can customize these wedding invitation cards as per your wedding theme. For instance, if you have chosen a fairy-themed wedding, then incorporate images of fairies, use bright colors and make use of calligraphy. The scope of experimentation is unlimited while you make use of your creativity and innovation. You can also make unique envelopes for these invites.
So, these are a few totally different and unique styles of crafting a wedding invitation.