Like a breath of fresh air, there are innovations taking place in every aspect of Indian weddings. Previously the younger generation would be looking up to elders for guiding them on wedding card designs. However, doing a volte-face is the new generation with out-of-the-world ideas and trendy cards that becomes the talk of the town!

The good news is that the parents are also giving due consideration and slowly absorbing the views and ideas of the younger generation. This is clearly visible in all ways, in the wedding dress, decorations and hold your breath and also in the printing of Designer wedding cards!

Traditional Wedding Cards went with the wind!

Time was when the invitations were simply worded and the paper of the cards was just a plain colorful sheet with some designs. Not anymore! Moving away from the traditional, storming the market are the ultra-different wedding cards. These new-age wedding invites to make sure that not only is the wedding day a time to remember, but the invites too set the mood in motion for that great day's arrival!

Unique Wedding Invites

Matchbox Invitations: Setting A Fashion Fire!

It's a known fact that funky is in. The amazingly creative variety of wedding invites is sure to transform the most die-hard traditional person. The funkiest card is the Matchbox card, complete with match sticks with the pictures of the couple on the matchbox. It is funky and very much adored and the reason is simple- it symbolically represents that the couple is going to set ablaze a fire of love and are as perfectly compatible as the match sticks and the matchbox!

Popping Pop Corns

Pop the question with a Popcorn Box Invite. Sweetly adorable, in this metal box, one can fill the cones with chocolate and nuts, wrap them in silk, and on the front panel have the wordings of the invite. It's a trendsetter no doubt!

Eat The Cake And Have It Too!

Want your guests and relations to remember you even after the wedding! Well, one can opt for the architectural wonder of a card with the old-world charm of filigree carvings. The ultimate in the stylish and trendy marriage Cards is the Cake Box Invitation. These elegantly carved metal cake covers, where the cards are housed, can be used even after the wedding.

Bring a Smile to Everyone's Lip!

Be a star in your own comic strip with the Caricature Style card invites. The play of words with the couple's pictures can create a fantastically humorous effect!

Boarding Passes to Dream Destinations!

The trend is to have a destination wedding. The guests are transported to a particular venue where they are treated to the best of celebration. At such times Boarding Pass invites is like taking off your guest to a dream destination of a perfect wedding!

The Passport To Happiness

The Passport Invite gives a charming antique worn-out look on the outer cover. Transports the guests to a world of happiness and gaiety and no doubt the children and the elders may find them really fun to hold even while coming to the wedding!

In The News

If your one wish was to be in the news as a celebrity, here's the chance. The Newspaper and Print Invite will make you the star of the day and you will be given the due importance with a full-page news write-up!

Gadgets For The Techies

For the gadgets freak, is the Video Book Invites, where the card is embedded with a video player. The thrill of playing the video for information on the wedding is unimaginable!!

The Head Rules

And finally, to pamper the ego of the people from the groom's side, the Pagdi Invite is something of a creation that is just perfect. And coming to the quaintest is the Birdcage Invitations. The theme and brands of these wedding cards is adorable and crazily funky. The creativity involved takes your breath away in delight.

The best creations are available online and the groom and bride can select them at their own pace. However, these young, funky, swanky themes have caught the fancy of the elders too!