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Islamic (Muslim) Wedding Cards

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  • Islamic (Muslim) Wedding Cards IS2380  Full View (With Any 2 Insert)

    This Royal Invitation Card is made out Fine quality Matt finish Paper Board with matching mailing envelope. Card front has a digital printed Tree of life with royal indian elephant outlined with gold foiled. Insert too is digitally printed with traditional royal theme.

    INR 125.00/ USD 1.93
  • Islamic (Muslim) Wedding Cards IS2350-Bi  Full View (With Any 2 Insert)

    This invitation card is made out of fine quality Shimmery paper board with matching mailing envelope. Card front has a beautiful traditional design in gold foil print with gold plated Bismillah paste-up. Envelope and inserts has traditional Elephants symbol which gives stunning look.

    INR 90.00/ USD 1.39
  • Islamic (Muslim) Wedding Cards IS2286-Bi Full View (With Interleaf & 1 Loose Insert)

    This invitation card with a unique captivating style and design theme is made from high quality card paper. Beautiful design done in gold print an astonishing effect. Bismillah image can be customized as required.

    INR 75.00/ USD 1.16
    Today's Offer INR 65.00/ USD 1.01
  • Islamic (Muslim) Wedding Cards IS2391-Bi  Full View (With Any 2 Insert)

    This invitation card is made out of Pink shimmery paper board with matching mailing envelope with colorful inserts inside. Card Front has beautiful floral design with wooden laser-cut Bismillah paste-up.

    INR 65.00/ USD 1.01
    Today's Offer INR 50.00/ USD 0.77
  • Islamic (Muslim) Wedding Cards IS2393-In  Full View (With Any 2 Insert)

    This invitation card is made out of textured ivory (cream) paper board with matching mailing envelope. Card front has floral embossed design with colorful traditional pattern design printing having gold plated Initials paste-up in center customizable as per couple’s name. Card has coordinated design colorful inserts inside.

    INR 80.00/ USD 1.24
  • Islamic (Muslim) Wedding Cards IS2395-Bi  Full View (With Any 2 Insert)

    This invitation card is made out of textured ivory (cream) paper board with matching mailing envelope. The card front has beautiful floral theme outlined with golden border. Card has Gold plated Bismillah paste-up in the center. Card has 3 different color inserts option printed with coordinated floral design gives amazing look.

    INR 85.00/ USD 1.32

Islamic (Muslim) Wedding Invitations

Islamic Wedding Invitations are commonly referred as Shaadi Cards. Our wide range of Muslim Wedding Invitations consists of elegantly simple to vibrant and colorful marriage invitation cards in the variety of papers like handmade papers and rich textured papers. They are completely co-ordinated with stationery RSVP and Thank You cards. We have designs which cater to traditional as well as modern concepts. We deliver Wedding invitations all over the world.

In Islam, marriage is considered as a very sacred event and there are various customs and rituals associated with it. Every marriage ritual has its own importance and a deep meaning behind it. Every decision related to marriage must be performed according to these rituals. This also applies to the marriage invitations and hence Islamic marriage invitations holds an important position in the marriage function.

Features Of Muslim Wedding Cards

  • Relevancy with the wedding theme
  • Traditional Islamic designs
  • High quality printing
  • Good quality
  • Vibrant texture
  • Typography
  • Quotes

A Muslim wedding invitation card must have certain intriguing wedding card features. Such cards will help in making a good and long-lasting impression on the minds of the guests. A good marriage card is the best way of inviting your loved ones to your marriage.

An Islamic marriage is not just a one day affair. There are several pre-marriage, marriage day and post marriage events. The presence of guests in these events makes the marriage a lot more special and grand affair for the couple . This makes choosing the perfect marriage card even more important.

Usually, every Muslim marriage has similar rituals and customs. However, every couple wants their marriage to be unique from others. Let our designer wedding cards add some distinctiveness and spark to your marriage ceremony. We offer the best designs for marriage invitations at reasonable prices. With our endless collection, you can easily find the appropriate invitation card that suits you best. So check out our amazing designs right away

All printing services provided. Samples will be shipped within 2 business days.

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