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Interfaith Wedding Cards

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  • Interfaith Wedding Cards MF2291-Na  Full View (With Any 2 Insert)

    This card is made out of textured ivory (cream) paper board with matching mailing envelope and card front has traditional motifs printed on pink background with center space for Names printed on it customizable as per couple’s name. Inserts have an option of three different colored borders with the same motif. 

    INR 85.00/ USD 1.34
  • Interfaith Wedding Cards MF2328  Full View (With Any 2 Insert)

    This card is made out of textured paper board with matching mailing envelope. Card front has traditional paisley design printed all over with colourfull inserts inside in staggered style.

    INR 85.00/ USD 1.34
  • Interfaith Wedding Cards MF2155-In Full View

    This stylish invitation card is made from rich color satin cloth of fine quality. Card front is covered with designer imprints add a lot of zing to the appearance of this card. The initials are customizable as per couples.

    INR 160.00/ USD 2.52
  • Interfaith Wedding Cards MF2293  Full View (With Any 2 Insert)

    This peacock theme card and envelope are made out of the high-quality ivory (cream) paper board. Card front has die cut arch design with the structured gold card below it and design printed all around in pearl ink. It has two color inserts made out with colored shimmer finish card stock.

    INR 110.00/ USD 1.74
  • Interfaith Wedding Cards MF2178 Full View

    Made from high rich color shimmer finish card of fine quality. A very modern and artistic presentation of gold design is decorated with shimmering kundans on left flap, a die-cut flap on right with gold design.

    INR 80.00/ USD 1.26
    Today's Offer INR 50.00/ USD 0.78
  • Interfaith Wedding Cards MF2319-In  Full View (With Any 2 Insert)

    This amazingly designed invitation card is made out of from fine quality of white shimmer finish card stock. Card front has elegant floral swirl design with spot lamination effect gives card a stunning look. The Card has a gold envelope with matching floral design on it and option of three different color inserts are available inside the card. Initials printed on the pocket of the card is customizable as per couple's name.

    INR 75.00/ USD 1.18
    Today's Offer INR 45.00/ USD 0.71

Interfaith Wedding Cards: A Candid Card Depicting The Message Of Love Clearly!

Love crosses all boundaries and breaks the barriers of caste, religion, social status and when it culminates into marriage it\92s truly an occasion to Celebrate Grandly! Planning an interfaith wedding should be done with a lot of care as sentiments and beliefs are bound to play a major role.

An interfaith marriage invitation should be truly non-secular and see that the values and beliefs of both the respective religions are taken care. The designers have to take a number of things into account. They have to draft non-secular quotes or wordings from different religious scripts. Be it speech marks from the sacred Guru Granth, The Holy Koran, The Bible or The Bhagwat Gita, these quotations should be such that it doesn\92t hurt the sentiments of any faiths. As the ultimate aim of these quotations is to bless the new couple for a successful journey ahead!

Interfaith wedding Cards: A beautiful amalgamation of two faiths!

Latest innovations and traditional designs have contributed towards a successful amalgamation of interfaith wedding invitations. These cards bear unique but conventional motifs regardless of whether they belong to a Sikh, Muslim or Hindu marriage.

These marriage invitations come with intricate designing and graceful decorations. They look attractive and catch your attention as they reflect vibrant and bright colors.

Interfaith wedding cards mostly rely on skill sets that reflect a modern outlook. With marriage card printing companies like Parekh Cards, you\92ll come across a whole new segment of distinguishable designs and patterns that seem pretty natural.

Parekh Cards has been serving clients across USA, UK, Canada, South Africa & Australia with their high quality cards and beautiful wordings. It also ensures that you smooth sail this storm as it is only natural interfaith marriages are a culmination of different ideas, beliefs, rituals and traditions. Just like love bonds the couple together for life, these wedding invitations become the most important accessory of your marriage day bringing a smile to your lips even after years when you see the card!

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