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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Contact Details

    Parekh Cards Pvt. Ltd. is based in Mumbai (Bombay), India. Please click on the Contact Details link placed under the Contact section at footer links on the homepage for details like our store address, contact numbers, working hours, and road map.

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  2. Can I order samples prior to placing bulk order?

    Yes, you can place a sample order to have the look and feel of the finally chosen cards prior to placing bulk order.

    Select your preferred cards from our vast range of designs, and click on the CLICK TO ORDER 1 SAMPLE button provided beside a picture of the card over the website.

    Note: Preferably place bulk order within one week on receiving the samples so there is no/minimum batch variation in the paper, printing, etc. We reserve our right to change/modify material and pattern without intimation in bulk order as required.

    The supply of samples is at the sole discretion of Parekh Cards Pvt. Ltd., In case of non-supply of samples, the order amount would be refunded.

    Please refer screenshot placed below for quick reference.

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Latest Questions

  1. How eco-friendly are Punjabi wedding e-invites?

    Digital Sikh wedding invitations are much more eco-friendly than traditional paper invitations. By eliminating the requirement of paper, printing, and shipping, digital invitations help to reduce paper waste and carbon emissions. Plus, they save you money on printing and postage costs!

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  2. Can I track RSVPs with my digital Sikh wedding invitations?

    Yes, our digital Sikh wedding invitations come with a provision to integrate a link to your RSVP Form. You can create an RSVP Form using a third-party service like Google Forms and provide us the link to it which we shall integrate into your digital Sikh wedding e-card. Your guests can click on the RSVP link integrated into your digital invitation and submit their responses. It will allow you easily track who has responded and who hasn’t.

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  3. How do I send out my digital Sikh wedding invitations?

    You can send digital Sikh wedding invitations to your guests via email, text message, WhatsApp, Facebook, or any other platform of your choice. You can also create a guest list and track the delivery and response of your e-cards. You can also send reminders or updates to your guests if needed.

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  4. Can I customise my digital Sikh wedding invitation?

    Yes, we offer a range of customization options for our Punjabi wedding e-invites. You can add your personal touch by uploading your photos, changing the colours, and adding your own text to make your invitation truly unique.

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  5. Are digital Sikh wedding invitations as elegant as traditional paper invitations?

    Absolutely! Our team of designers has created a range of Punjabi wedding e-invites that are just as elegant and visually appealing as traditional paper invitations. Our digital invitations feature beautiful designs incorporating traditional motifs and symbols while incorporating modern elements to give your invitation a unique and contemporary twist.

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  6. What are the benefits of sending a digital Muslim wedding invitation?

    Sending a digital Muslim wedding invitation has many benefits, including cost-effectiveness, convenience, and eco-friendliness.

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  7. How do I send a digital Muslim wedding invitation to my guests?

    You can send your guests a digital Muslim wedding invitation via email or messaging platforms such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. There are also online invitation websites and apps that allow you to create and send digital invitations easily.

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  8. Can I personalise my digital Muslim wedding invitation?

    Yes, you can personalize your digital Muslim wedding invitation to reflect your style and cultural traditions. For example, you may choose to include photos or graphics that are meaningful to you and your partner, or you may opt for a design that features traditional Islamic motifs or calligraphy.

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