1. Digital Wedding Invitation Card - ECO Friendly Wedding Invitation Card

    Digital Wedding Invitation Card

    Digital Wedding Invitation Card

    Since the trend of digitalization has invaded all spheres of life, the wedding card industry is not left out either. Presently, new couples do not like to move around from one shop to another in search of suitable wedding cards as per their choice. Rather, they are more inclined to find excellent wedding invitations online, directly from the websites of professional wedding card makers. They have realized the advantages of sending digital wedding cards to their guests, which have taken

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  2. Top 10 Best Indian Wedding Invitations for Your Big Day

    Indian Wedding Invitations

    Indian Wedding Invitations

    Wedding is a lifetime event for any man or woman, which they want to spend in the company of their near ones. They need to invite all their well-wishers by sending them formal invitation cards. Professional wedding card makers have gained expertise in creating wonderful invitations that can be sent online to anyone across the world. They are credited with the creations of the most remarkable Indian wedding invitations for their customers.

    Here are 10 examples of the best wedding cards that Indian new couples

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  3. What All Include in Your Indian Wedding Card

    Indian Wedding Card

    Indian Wedding Card |

    As weddings grew more elaborate in planning and designing so did the wedding invitation cards. Wedding invitations are considered a valuable feature of a wedding planand thus its preparation and distribution are undertaken with the utmost care. This has been true for cultures across India regardless of religion.

    The Indian wedding card however can be daunting for some due to how much detail and planninggoes

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  4. Invite Your Friends Cordially By Sending Wedding Invitations Via WhatsApp

    Indian Wedding Invitations Message for Friends on WhatsAppIndian Wedding Invitations Message for Friends on WhatsApp

    Marriage is a joyful occasion for every man and woman when they need the company of their friends. The couples want to invite their close friends by sending wedding invitations, which should express their earnest desires of inviting all friends to their wedding. Previously, people had to spend hours choosing wedding cards in the local card shops. Now, they can do this job online, just by entering the websites of popular wedding invitation makers.

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  5. Dressing The Groom: Wedding Outfits For Grooms

    Wedding Outfits For GroomsWedding Outfits For Grooms|

    A wedding marks the new beginning of the bride and groom’s life, as they commit to each other and promise to spend the rest of their lives with one another. The day of the wedding ceremony marks the auspicious start of such a journey and is one of the most special days for the engaged couple. Both the bride and the groom want to look their best on their wedding day, have the best pictures taken that they can cherish for their entire lifetime.

    Groom’s outfit – for the wedding

    India is a diverse country and in general, the wedding outfits for men are usually traditional, with each tradition having its unique traditional outfi

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  6. Wedding Cake Ideas To Enhance Your Wedding Celebration

    Wedding Cake IdeasWedding Cake Ideas |

    The day of the wedding ceremony is one of the most special and significant days that the bride and groom cherish for their entire lifetime. No matter how they choose to celebrate this day, be it with all their friends, family, and acquaintances or be it just a handful of their loved ones present, one of the sweetest memories of the day would remain the first time the couple is introduced as husband and wife.

    The cutting of a cake in a wedding also helps to commemorate this special day as the bride and groom together cut and feed each other the cake while their loved ones congratulate them and cheer

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  7. Improve Your Pre-Wedding Photography With These Tips

    Pre-Wedding PhotographyPre-Wedding Photography|

    The time between the engagement and the wedding is the most romantic in a couple's life. It is the time the pair gets to know each other better and spends a lot of time together to make cherishable memories that would make them smile even after years of their marriage.

    A pre-wedding photoshoot is one of such fun memories that a couple can share and the photographs taken to commemorate such a day last for a lifetime. A fun photoshoot is not only a special way to get to know one's partner but can also be useful to finalize a photographer to do one’s wedding photography.

    Why do a pre-wedding p

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  8. Look Gorgeous Using These Indian Bridal Makeup Ideas

    Indian Bridal Makeup Ideas Indian Bridal Makeup Ideas|

    A wedding in any culture is an important milestone in the life of a woman. This cannot be truerwhen it comes to Indian weddings regardless of religion. Indian weddings are known for its grand and traditional ambience and style which is no less than a minor festive celebration.

    Bridal Make up

    When it comes to Indian weddings, Bridal Make Up in India is famed for being rich and elegant with large emphasis on traditional appeal. Though being rich is not a necessary condition, the brides all over India wish to lookcultural and traditional.

    Makeup sessions can take

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  9. Enhance Wedding Stages With These Top Indian Wedding Stage Decoration Ideas

    Top Indian Wedding Stage Decoration Ideas Top Indian Wedding Stage Decoration Ideas |

    Try to picture yourself and your fiancé on your wedding day, wearing your matching colour coordinated wedding outfits. The blushing bride with her hair and makeup done so beautifully, she looks nothing short of an angel on earth while the groom in his dazzling sherwani and sehra is fit for a king.

    So much effort is put in to make the happy couple feel special on the biggest day of their lives but when you reach the wedding venue, it is just an empty hall with tables and chairs set up with the basic flower arrangement for the marriage decoration. Wouldn’t the drab and shabby look of the we

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  10. Enhance Your Wedding Invitation With Best Wedding Card Template Formats

    Best Wedding Card Template Formats Best Wedding Card Template Formats

    As soon as you announce your engagement, best wishes keep pouring in and along with it come questions about the big day, the date, the venue and all the other things that society will judge you by. Everybody wants to know when and how you plan your wedding, they will keep giving you suggestions, even though you do not require it or ask for it. But then again you sit and answer their queries because you cannot ignore them. All the raging questions of your closest friends and family members are answered as soon as you send out your wedding invitation.

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