The quintessence of Indian weddings lies not just in the grandiose display of rituals and celebrations but also in the age-old tradition of exchanging return gifts. A heartfelt token from the hosts to their guests, these gifts are a symbol of gratitude and a memory etched in time. Today, we'll journey through the intricate tapestry of return gifts, unraveling the threads that connect traditional values with contemporary charm, across India, the US, the UK, and Canada.

Understanding Return Gifts in Indian Weddings

The tradition of giving return gifts or 'wedding favours' is an integral part of Indian weddings, reflecting the essence of Indian hospitality and the bond shared between the hosts and their guests. The gifts serve as a token of appreciation and gratitude towards the guests for being a part of the special occasion. They also embody the cultural heritage and familial values of the hosts, often encapsulating the essence of Indian traditions.

Historically, the practice of giving return gifts dates back to ancient times, showcasing the Indian ethos of "Atithi Devo Bhava", which translates to "The guest is God." The types of gifts often have a symbolic meaning; for instance, gifts like gold or silver coins, religious idols, and traditional items like sweets and dry fruits signify wishes for prosperity, blessings, and good fortune for the guests

Traditional Return Gifts:

Gold or Silver Coins: A timeless gift, gold or silver coins are cherished as symbols of prosperity and good fortune. They can be personalized with engravings or presented in a beautiful box to make them more memorable.
Religious Idols and Decorations: Resonating with spiritual values, idols of deities or decorative items with religious motifs are customary gifts that guests appreciate.
Dry Fruits and Sweets in Deluxe Boxes: A delightful blend of tradition and taste, these can be presented in ornate boxes as a token of appreciation.
Handicrafts and Artisanal Items: Handcrafted items like pottery, textiles or traditional print basket boxes encapsulate the cultural essence and are cherished by guests.

Modern Twists to Return Gift Traditions:

Personalized Items: Items like photo frames, coffee mugs, keychains or t-shirts personalized with the couple's initials or wedding date add a modern touch to the tradition of return gifts.
Eco-friendly Gifts: Plantable seeds, reusable shopping bags or organic products are thoughtful, modern gifts that resonate with environmentally conscious guests.
Gourmet Gifts: Custom-blended teas, gourmet chocolates or personalized spice jars offer a contemporary yet culturally rich gifting experience.
Fashion Jewelry: Elegant yet modern, fashion jewelry like earrings or necklaces are trendy gifts that are also cherished keepsakes.

Unique Ideas for a Modern Edge:

Experiential Gifts: Donations to a charity on behalf of your guests or gifting experiences like spa vouchers or event tickets are modern, thoughtful gestures that leave a lasting impression.
Games and Fun Gifts: Game sets like chess or card games, especially in miniature versions, can be unique, fun gifts that also serve as memorable keepsakes.
Perfumes and Fragrances: Luxurious yet personal, perfumes are a modern gifting choice that appeals to a broad spectrum of guests.

Budget-Friendly Ideas:

Goodie Bags: Filled with a mix of sweets, a wedding picture, and a small, handcrafted item, goodie bags are a cost-effective yet heartfelt gift option.
Aroma Lamps: Trendy and affordable aroma lamps are a modern, useful gift that can also cater to a broad age group of guests.

Budgeting for Return Gifts

Budgeting for return gifts is a crucial aspect of wedding planning in India. The budget often varies significantly depending on the financial capacity of the host family and the scale of the wedding celebration. It's a balance between expressing gratitude and adhering to cultural norms while also managing financial resources efficiently.

Typically, the costs of return gifts can range from as low as ₹150 per gift to over ₹1000 or more, with a wide variety of options available to suit different budgetary constraints. Some affordable options include saree trays, assorted sweets, or small handcrafted items, while more luxurious gifts could range from gold or silver coins, jewelry, or artisanal handcrafted goods.

Sourcing Return Gifts Internationally

As Indian diaspora communities continue to uphold their cultural traditions abroad, sourcing return gifts for weddings held outside India has become more accessible. Many online platforms and local stores in countries like the US, UK, and Canada specialize in Indian wedding return gifts. These platforms offer a vast range of traditional and modern gifts and often provide international shipping options.

Many online offer a wide variety of gifts ranging from handcrafted items, decorative potlis, and collectible figurines to personalized gifts and modern, eco-friendly items. Additionally, local Indian markets and boutiques in these countries often have a selection of traditional return gifts. It's advisable to factor in the shipping costs, customs duties, and delivery timelines when sourcing return gifts internationally.


The exchange of return gifts is a practice steeped in warmth and gratitude, evolving with time while still cherishing its cultural roots. Whether you opt for traditional artifacts or contemporary novelties, these wedding favors are a reflection of your personal narrative. As you plan your celebration, consider how these gifts can tell your unique story, leaving your guests with a piece of the joyous occasion to take home.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on return gifts. What unique or meaningful wedding favors have you come across? Share your experiences in the comments below, and let's inspire each other with innovative ideas to keep this beautiful tradition alive.