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  1. What Are The 4 Exceptional Indian Wedding Decorations UK?

    Indian weddings are extremely different than any other styles, probably because there is a lot that happens in a "big fat Indian wedding". And when the talk is about having a dream wedding then the first thing that would come to anyone's mind is decorations. The stage, mandap and even the seating area, each and every part of the venue should capture the joy, excitement and exuberance that prevail on the day.

    Indian Wedding Decorations UK Indian Wedding Decorations UK | Image Resource :

    Now, when you are planning to have your dream

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  2. How To Choose The Perfect Flower Garlands For Indian Weddings?

    Varmala is an integral ritual of the Indian wedding ceremony that embarks the promise to respect and accept each other, where both the bride and groom exchanges garlands. This ritual is reckoned to be one of the major highlights of the wedding as it symbolizes the beginning of a life that they are about to live together as one.

    Flower Garlands For Indian Weddings Flower Garlands For Indian Weddings | Image Resource :

    Basically, the Varmala are floral garlands whose style and design varies from communities to communities. For instance, flowers like mogras are predominately used in the making

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  3. Scroll Wedding Cards- A Trend Here To Stay!

    Wedding is a once in a lifetime event that symbolizes the beginning of an eternal bond that lasts forever. During this day, you want everything to be picture perfect. From the wedding card, venue, its decor, your outfit; each and every aspect must be beyond excellence. However, out of the million options available which wedding card should you prefer or what is that one fine card that would speak volumes about the grandiose and pompousness of the event?

    Scroll Wedding Cards Scroll Wedding Cards

    This is something that brings us to the one and only scroll wedding invitations. Known as "Farman" They are embraced

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  4. What Is The Significance Of Sikh Wedding Cards?

    Extravagant theme, flamboyant decor, opulent lighting and the perfect outcome and if you thought that these are the only key aspects of Sikh weddings then think again! The true essence of customs, traditions and rituals will always remain incomplete without a beautiful wedding card. After all, they are the first impression for the day which lingers in the mind of guests for a long period of time.

    Sikh Wedding Cards Sikh Wedding Cards

    Different Ceremonies Encapsulated in Sikh Wedding Card

    The Sikh wedding ceremony even known as "Anand Karaj" is an amalgamation

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