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  1. Selecting a gift for a bridal shower

    Got an invitation for a bridal shower? Stuck with what to gift? Bridal showers gifts should be selected on the basis of style and preference of the bride. Your gift should be unique, that stands out among all and becomes a memorable present for the bride. With a variety of bridal shower gifts available in the market, picking a suitable one can be quite puzzling. Here are a few gifts ideas to help you narrow down your choice and make it easy for you to select one.

    # Idea 1

    A set of beautiful napkins, towels or placemats make affordable yet classy gift. You can pick a colorful, embroidered and beautiful set. Personalizing the napkin, towels or placemats is another option that you can consider.

    # Idea 2

    A designer dress or a gown can be a great gift option. The bride can wear the dress or the gown on the very next day, post wedding. You can consider the option of getting the bride's initials

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  2. Wedding Invitations: Things to Keep in Mind!

    So, you have fixed the wedding date? Ordered the wedding dress? Finalized the venue? What about the wedding invitation? A wedding invite gives a glimpse of your wedding plans to the guests. Whether you are opting for a classic, glamorous, traditional or an elegant wedding, choosing the right wedding invitation card can be an overwhelming task. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind before finalizing the wedding invitation.

    #Tip 1: Know your wedding style- Conventional or Traditional? Stylish or Simple? You must know the wedding style. This will help you to shop the wedding stationery according to your wedding style.

    #Tip 2: Know Your Colors- Once you know the color of your wedding theme, it will be easy for you to incorporate those colors into your wedding invitation. While white, ivory and cream cards are the basic ones, you can choose bright

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  3. How to Efficiently Plan a Bridal Shower

    Planning a bridal shower can be a stressful affair. Deciding on invitation list, menu, theme and decoration is indeed a daunting task. As a bridal shower planner, you want to create a memorable and enjoyable experience for the guests and the bride. Here are some ways you can efficiently plan a bridal shower.

    #1 Plan the Budget

    The first step while planning a bridal shower is to set your budget bracket. Things like menu, decorations, favors, and number of invites will totally depend on the budget that you set.

    #2 Choose the Location

    Selecting the right place for the bridal shower is very crucial. The bridal shower theme and the number of guests are the two factors to be considered for selecting an appropriate venue. You can organize the bridal shower at home, or in a restaurant or banquet hall. If the weather is appropriate, then organizing a bridal shower party at an outdoor location

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  4. Top Five Themes for Bridal Shower

    Do you know that the custom of bridal shower dates back to the 1890s? Since then, the tradition of bridal shower has undergone a complete transformation. However, till date, the conventional bridal showers efficiently capture the original spirit of yesteryears. Whether you plan to throw a party bash or an elegant evening, the theme of the bridal shower should be given utmost importance. Here are some of the popular themes that you can consider when planning the bridal shower.

    1 .Garden Tea Theme
    Décor: Hold the garden tea themed bridal shower in natural or outdoor settings.  Include colorful Chinese crockery with unique styles and designs. For an elegant and rich look, use tulip flowers and white table cloth.

    Food: Pastries, mini-sandwiches, different varieties of tea and pastries make up for a delicious

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  5. Housewarming Party: What to Gift?

    In India, housewarming is famously known as “Griha Pravesh”. In Hindu tradition, Lord Satyanarayana’s idol is worshipped while conducting the house warming ceremony. This ceremony is usually organized on the holy day of “full moon” or “poornima.” Are you invited to one such house warming party? Have you decided on what to gift? Do you want to keep it simple or plan to gift something out of the box? Here are some suggestions that you can consider to gift on a house warming party.

    # Suggestion 1
    People who have just shifted to their new house might enjoy outdoor grilling. In this case, you can gift them an assortment of barbecue accessories such as basting mop, spatula, barbecue tongs and fork. You can also include a collection of barbecue sauces.

    # Suggestion 2

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  6. Invite your Guests with Unique House Warming Invitations

    Now that you have moved into your new house, you deserve the right to bask in the admiring gazes of the invitees to be in your house warming party! It is time to send out the invitations, why not do so in your own inimitable style? Rack those grey cells and come up with a fun way to lure unsuspecting neighbors into your wondrous dominion. Read on this article to get some unique house warming invitation ideas

    Use unorthodox methods
    Using cards is commonplace, go Roman, use an elegant scroll to print your invitation in. Use a nice cylinder to pack the scroll in; design it innovatively to look like a flute, or may be a reliquary. Attach tassels to one end of the scroll to enhance its look. Parekh Cards offers a gorgeous range of such scrolls for your house warming invitations.

    Printing and typography
    If you prefer an ethnic look, get

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  7. Tips to Host a House Warming Party

    Your home is you own little cosmos, your cozy universe, where family and hearth unite to relieve you of daily aches and pains. Moving house can be emotional for some, while some others may like to leave behind old friends and neighbors. A good way to cheer yourself and your family while getting acquainted with your new neighbors is to hold a house warming party. Some even do so to just organize get togethers or to show off a newly renovated house. Whatever your reason, here are a few tips on how to host a good house warming party.

    Mind the etiquette
    It is important to know the etiquettes before you start planning for a party. You need not bother about having unpacked cartons having your house stuff fully, but at least keep them in their respective rooms. Since a lot of visitors are likely to visit your bedroom and kitchen, you should these keep these areas clean and clear. Use disposable

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  8. Silver Wedding Invitation Ideas

    Preparing the right kind of invitation card for your Silver Wedding Anniversary goes a long way in showing the gratitude you have for your near and dear one. But choosing designs, style and theme of a card is not an easy task. Here are some stunning silver wedding invitations ideas for you.

    Plan it well
    Keep all considerations in mind right from the beginning. Write out your requirements and plan your finances accordingly. Elements to be incorporated into a written invitation must be in tune with the theme of the occasion. You can go online and take help of a reputable wedding invitation manufacturer for the same. For example, Parekh Cards offer a wide range of beautiful cards to suit your wedding invitation requirements.

    Decide the words carefully
    The language should be in accordance with the

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  9. Unique Themes for a Silver Wedding Anniversary Party

    Your 25th wedding Anniversary is certainly a milestone that is crossed only once in your life (for those fortunate enough to reach it). It should be celebrated in a manner that gives you memories for a lifetime, being the special event that it is. The best way to do so is to throw a theme based bash that will have your friends and dear ones talking about it for years to come! Here are some exciting ideas for a theme based Silver Wedding Anniversary party.

    Retro 80’s Theme
    If you are celebrating your Silver Wedding Anniversary this year, your youth belonged to the flower child 80’s, when peace was the buzzword, pop music and Michael Jackson were a rage; Salman Khan was a strapping young lad and only Marutis and Fiats used to ply on the roads. Why not revisit the golden years once again? Put on Material Girl by Madonna, wear garish colors, put up old Bajaj and Laxman Sylvania

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  10. Gift Ideas for Silver Wedding Anniversary

    Celebrating a silver wedding anniversary is no mean feat in today’s world. It takes a great deal of love, perseverance and patience, and requires developing a strong bond that stands the test of time in the midst of financial, economic and personal turmoil.  

    No wonder then that one must choose a gift for a couple celebrating their Silver Wedding Anniversary with great care, a gift that the couple will forever cherish. Here are some lovely gift ideas for such couples.

    Top Three Gift Ideas for Silver Wedding Anniversary

    1. Silver gifts - The origins of associating the metal (and hence the color) silver with the 25th wedding anniversary of a couple go back to the Holy Roman Empire, where the couple would put silver wreaths on each other’s heads upon completion of 25 years of
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