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  1. Parekh Cards Blog on Indian Wedding Cards

    Indian wedding cards have been used for centuries in India to announce a wedding to the community. Wedding cards are sent to relatives, friends and colleagues as a formal way of inviting people to a wedding. There are a wide range of designs, styles and religious and secular card designs to provide something to fit the needs of every couple to be married.

    Traditions and customs regarding the sending of Indian wedding cards vary. It is common for two sets of wedding cards to be printed, which is a custom that originates with the tradition of arranged marriages. The bride?s family prints cards to announce the wedding to their family, friends and colleagues. The groom?s family often creates a separate wedding invitation to communicate the details of the wedding to their friends and family members.

    When you begin to search for
    Indian wedding cards, you will

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  2. Wedding Cards | Wedding Invitations, Stationery, Wordings Online

    Choosing wedding invitation cards is a big decision. Your wedding invitation is how your special occasion will be announced to family, friends, colleagues and other members of your community. There are a wide range of choices in wedding invitations and several popular trends for
    Indian Wedding Cards that can be helpful in selecting the right cards for your wedding.

    The options in wedding invitation cards range from simple to ornate. Some modern couples prefer the simple designs with one symbol and colors that are not too bold. Others prefer intricate designs, such as the popular scrolls and multi pocket Indian wedding cards.

    The type of wedding will also dictate the kind of wedding invitation cards that work best for your occasion. If you are having a traditional wedding with multiple events, the cards with multiple pockets to announce each of the events

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