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  1. 20 Best Hairstyles for Lehenga To Adorn This Wedding Season

    With the wedding season down the corner, bride-to-be and their friends want to look their best on this grand event. And when it comes to an incredible hairstyle then these are the top 20 styles that must watch out for.

    1. Traditional Braided

    Traditional BraidedTraditional Braided | Image Resource :

    The traditional braided hairstyle is one of the most prominent styles that looks great with oval, round and triangle face. In this style, a straight braid is created and decorated with golden hair accessories and pearl to pull off an impeccable ethnic look with the lehenga.

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  2. Makeup Foundation Tips To Follow For A Flawless Skin

    Applying foundation like a pro may not be that simple, especially if your skin is packed with loads of problems. But to help you overcome this misery, here are a few tips and tricks that you can follow for achieving that flawless skin in a hassle free manner.

    Makeup Foundation Tips Makeup Foundation Tips | Image Resource :

    1. Find your perfect shade

    Having the perfect foundation shade can do wonders on your skin. However, one shade lighter or darker can be equally bad. This is the reason why discovering the perfect shade according to your skin tone is of utmost importance.

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  3. Bridal Makeup Tips For The Indian Bride

    The long awaited dreams, hopes and expectations of a bride come to life on her wedding day. This is the day when she wants everything to be done with absolutely no compromise. Right from the wedding invitations, venue, outfit for various functions and the bridal makeup; everything should be simply the best.

    There are certain tips that can come in handy when you aspire to achieve that flawless Indian bride look that you always dreamt of. So, without any further ado let's discuss what they are.

    Bridal Makeup Tips Bridal Makeup Tips | Image Resource :

    1. Cleanse your

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  4. Simple Do's and Don'ts For Having The Best Sangeet Cards

    The invites have become an indispensible aspect of Sangeet. But, selecting almost any option that you come across is not such a wise thing to do. This is because the cards that you choose will be a reflection of the event that the guests are going to attend. Put it simply, they are going to be the very first impression that people will have regarding the sangeet and this should be an impressive one.

    Best Sangeet Cards Best Sangeet Cards | Image Resource :

    The problem is: often the couples are not sure about the style or type of cards that will be suitable for their Sangeet and thus end up going with

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  5. Make Your Mehendi A Special Event With Impeccable Mehendi Cards

    Mehendi ceremony is an important pre-wedding ritual in Indian marriages that is celebrated with family members and friends of the bride and the groom. On this day, beautiful designs of henna are applied on the hands and feet of the bride-to-be and are considered to be a symbol of affection and love between the families and the couple. Like any other ceremony of the wedding, even this one is packed with colors, lively music and grandiose, where families can come together and enjoy the essence of wedding celebrations.

    Mehendi Cards Mehendi Cards

    There are several beliefs that are associated with this ritual and they are

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