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Bridal Makeup Tips For The Indian Bride

Bridal Makeup Tips For The Indian Bride by parekhcards 20/10/2016 at 1:00

The long awaited dreams, hopes and expectations of a bride come to life on her wedding day. This is the day when she wants everything to be done with absolutely no compromise. Right from the wedding invitations, venue, outfit for various functions and the bridal makeup; everything should be simply the best.

There are certain tips that can come in handy when you aspire to achieve that flawless Indian bride look that you always dreamt of. So, without any further ado let's discuss what they are.

Bridal Makeup Tips Bridal Makeup Tips | Image Resource :

1. Cleanse your face with a mild cleanser

The first and perhaps the golden rule to make your makeup long lasting is to cleanse your face using a decent cleanser. Those with sensitive skin can opt for mild cleansers whereas if your skin is prone to acne then it is best to wash your face with those products that have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. This restores the glow on your face and prepares it for the upcoming makeup.

2. Focus on the Fix-ups

Use a good quality primer at least 3-4 minutes post moisturization, as this keeps the foundation and concealer at its place. It is even important to conceal blemishes or acne scars because this will brighten up your face and cover unwanted dark spots or patchy skin. Follow up the primer with a foundation by dotting it around the face and blend it using a beauty blender or foundation brush. A few tricks that can be followed at this stage are.

  • Apply the concealer always after the foundation to get optimal coverage
  • Make use of different shades of concealer at various areas of the face that will provide a more natural look
  • To add more drama you can even contour your cheeks, cupid's bow and other areas of the face that you want to highlight.

3. A Color Pop For The Cheeks

To pull off that makeup at its best you can go for a creamy blush that complements your skin shade and offers an instant facelift. Those who are fair can opt for pinkish or neutral tones while dusky beauties can go with rosier hue.

4. Drama With The Eyes

Makeup specialists of Lakme's Absolute Bridal Masterclass, Cory Walia reveals that- "When it comes to an incredible makeup, brides need to highlight only one feature and for Indian brides their beautiful eyes do the trick". So, a few tips when working with the eye-makeup are

  • Opt for the traditional golden eye shadow that works wonder when matched with red, green or fuchsia lehengas
  • Never experiment with the color of eyeliner; rather it is wise to use a simple black shade along with a strong kajal.
  • Add volume to your eyelids with a mascara that have curled brushes that will let you have curly lashes in no time

5. Lipstick Completes The Look

The last part is the lipstick. Now, if you have thin lips then light pink or peachy shade along with a lip plumper and gloss that concentrates more on the centre can give a perfect look. On the other hand, if your lips are on the plump side the deep red or maroon shade with a natural lip-liner would be more suitable.


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