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  1. Indian Wedding: Answers To All Your Questions

    An Indian wedding is quite different from the events of the marriage ceremony held in other parts of the world. It is a more enjoyable occasion that displays the ancient culture of India, combined with religious rituals that should be observed diligently.

    What happens at Indian weddings?

    Indian weddingIndian weddings | Image Resource :

    Traditionally, an Indian wedding is a religious ceremony, where the bride and groom tie the knot for starting an everlasting relationship. Hence, the necessary religious rituals are followed at the wedding, which is conducted

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  2. Hindu Wedding: Common Questions Answered!

    A Hindu wedding is performed strictly by observing all sacred rituals as instructed in ancient Hindu scriptures. The use of various vibrant colours is a unique feature of a Hindu wedding, as the wedding venue and homes of both bride and groom are lavishly decked with coloured flowers, balloons, and other décor items.

    What are the 7 Hindu wedding vows?

    7 Hindu wedding vows7 Hindu wedding vows | Image Resource :

    According to Hindu marital tradition, the bride and groom need to take 7 vows in Sanskrit during the wedding ceremony. In the first vow,

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