An Indian wedding is quite different from the events of the marriage ceremony held in other parts of the world. It is a more enjoyable occasion that displays the ancient culture of India, combined with religious rituals that should be observed diligently.

What happens at Indian weddings?

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Traditionally, an Indian wedding is a religious ceremony, where the bride and groom tie the knot for starting an everlasting relationship. Hence, the necessary religious rituals are followed at the wedding, which is conducted by a priest and participated by both families and their relatives. Everyone dresses up with gorgeous attires, to match the jovial mood and soothing music of Shehnai is played throughout the day. All guests enjoy a great feast and they wish a happy married life for the new couple.

How long does an Indian wedding last?

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Though the main wedding ceremony takes approximately 2 - 3 hours on the scheduled wedding date, the entire Indian wedding lasts for at least 3 days. A day before the wedding, Mehendi rituals are observed at the bride’s place. All dance merrily together while beautiful designs of henna are made on the hands and feet of the bride. A reception party is held at the groom’s place a day after the wedding ceremony, joined by all relatives and friends of the new couple.

How much does an Indian wedding cost?

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Due to the grandeur involved in the decorations, wedding attires and all other aspects of an Indian wedding, it becomes quite a costly affair for the families of the bride and groom. The budget of a wedding depends on the financial status of both the families. A poor family may organize a wedding only with Rs 10,000 to 1 Lakh rupees while a middle-class wedding may cost between 1 – 7 Lakhs. Wealthy people may spend unlimited amount of money on their weddings.

Why do Indian brides wear red?

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The colour red is considered to be auspicious as per the Indian traditions, which is connected to the colour of the rising sun. The colour of the sindoor and bindi, which are the signs of a married woman are also red. Moreover, this colour is known to be the mark of love and passion, for which the bridal wear always should be of vibrant red.

What should I wear to an Indian wedding ceremony?

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Usually, it is traditional to wear vibrant coloured clothes in an Indian wedding ceremony, like golden, orange, purple, lime green, cobalt blue, and hot pink. It is expected that all wedding guests will wear only Indian outfits while attending an Indian wedding. Hence, females may opt for wearing saris, lehenga, and salwar suits, made of silk, satin, or velvet. Likewise, males can wear kurta pyjama or a Sherwani or Jodhpuri suit made of gorgeous fabrics at the wedding.

What can I expect to see at an Indian wedding ceremony?

The foremost things that may catch your eyes at an Indian wedding are the huge throng of people who have gathered as wedding guests and the grand decorations all over the wedding venue, with flowers and lights. All people are dressed in gorgeous coloured attires, matching to their cheerful mood. Arrangements are made for religious rites to be observed during the wedding ceremony in a specific space that is specially adorned. Separate places are designated for the wedding feast, where lots of food items are served to all guests.

Should I wear a sari to an Indian wedding?

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It is not mandatory to wear a sari to an Indian wedding, as women are free to wear any other Indian outfit that suits their personality. They may wear salwar suits of special designs, among which Anarkali suits are very popular among fashionable girls. Lehengas with matching dupattas can also be chosen as outfits for wedding guests. However, black and white are the colours that should be avoided for wearing at an Indian wedding.

What should a Westerner wear to an Indian wedding?

If a westerner is invited to an Indian wedding, he/she may choose to wear any western or Indian outfit that he/she feels comfortable while wearing. However, it is better to wear attires of all bright shades, except black and white. Though many foreigners love to wear Indian dresses, they should be careful to choose something that they can carry conveniently. They may wear tailor-made Indian outfits that will look best on them.

Which are the Indian Wedding Traditions?

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Mehendi and Sangeet are two traditions of the Indian weddings, which are held separately or together before the actual wedding ceremony. The bride and groom are smeared with a turmeric paste on the morning of the wedding day, which is termed as the Haldi ceremony. The main wedding ceremony takes place under a decorated canopy, called Mandap. The bride and groom exchange flower garlands and then together pour rice into fire lit by the priest. Lastly, the groom ties a Mangalsutra around the neck of his bride, to complete the marriage rituals.

What are the Best things About Indian Wedding?

The best thing about the Indian wedding is the grandeur and warmth that makes the ceremony so enjoyable for all guests. All the distant relatives in a family can meet and enjoy together in wedding functions. Due to various pre and post wedding rituals, all invitees get plenty of time to spend memorably. People dress up in their best attires and dazzling accessories, to look best among all. The grand procession that accompanies the arrival of the groom is another spectacular show in an Indian wedding. Food lovers also can relish the various kinds of Indian dishes served during the wedding feast.

What is the Most Memorable Part of Indian Wedding

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The most memorable part of an Indian wedding is when the bride and groom perform all the sacred rituals together, blessed by the wedding guests. They throw rice grains and flower petals over the new couple while they are taking the marital vows, by circling together around the holy fire.

Actually, every moment of an Indian wedding should be captured as still photos or videos, to look back as wonderful memories later.