A Hindu wedding is performed strictly by observing all sacred rituals as instructed in ancient Hindu scriptures. The use of various vibrant colours is a unique feature of a Hindu wedding, as the wedding venue and homes of both bride and groom are lavishly decked with coloured flowers, balloons, and other décor items.

What are the 7 Hindu wedding vows?

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According to Hindu marital tradition, the bride and groom need to take 7 vows in Sanskrit during the wedding ceremony. In the first vow, the couple seeks God’s blessing in the form of healthy food and promise to look after the welfare of the family together. In the second vow, they seek divine blessing for physical and mental health while both promise to be the strength of each other. In the third vow, they ask God for prosperity and promise to take care of their children in the future.

The fourth vow states about the couple promising of taking care of the elders of the family and taking care of each other. In the fifth vow, they pray for the wellbeing of their future generation and promise to be ideal parents to their children. During the sixth vow, the couple seeks God’s blessings for a healthy life and they assure each other of continuous support in all religious acts. The seventh vow deals with the eternal bonding of friendship and loyalty between the husband and wife.

What do the 7 steps in a Hindu wedding mean?

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In a Hindu wedding, the bride and groom take 7 steps around the holy fire, which is termed in Vedas as Saptapadi (Sapta = Seven, Padi = Steps) or Saat Phera as now called in Hindi. In each step, the new couple takes a marital vow that will strengthen their relationship in the future and make their marital life happy with other family members. The corner of the groom’s scarf is strongly tied with the corner of the bride’s sari so that they can walk these 7 paces together. Hence, these 7 steps define the marital relationship of the new couple and instruct them how to deal with each other throughout their life, since marriage is considered to be an eternal bonding in Hindu religion.

What does Hinduism say about marriage?

According to Hinduism, marriage is a sacred bond that husband and wife should maintain throughout their lives. They promise to do all religious rites together, fulfil all family responsibilities and give due respect to each other. A marriage also unites the families of the bride and groom in an everlasting relationship that is continued by their children.

How many days do a Hindu wedding last?

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Normally, a Hindu wedding lasts for 3 days. On the first day, the rituals of Mehendi are performed at the bride’s house, accompanied by dance and music that is termed as Sangeet. On the second day, the main wedding ceremony takes place where the bride and groom exchange garlands and take Saat Phera around the fire. On the third day, a formal reception party is thrown at the groom’s place, after completing certain other rituals.

What do you wear to a Hindu wedding?

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The bride always wears a red sari or lehenga while the groom dresses up in a Sherwani or Kurta pyjama suit in golden or other vibrant shades. Wedding guests preferably wear Indian outfits, like saris, salwar suits, lehenga choli, and kurta pyjama, all in gorgeous colours and designs. However, they should avoid black colour, as it is known to be a symbol of grief. Suitable jewelleries enhance the beauty of the wearers and grandeur of the occasion.

Is love marriage allowed in Hinduism?

Though arranged marriage is more predominant in all Hindu families, love marriage is also allowed in this religion. Unfortunately, some families do not approve of love marriages and stress on arranging marital relationships for their children. However, lots of examples of love marriages are found in the sacred texts of Hindus, where people could choose their life partners according to their free will.

What is a Hindu wedding called?

In Sanskrit language, Vivaha is the term used for marriage and thus, a Hindu wedding is called Vivaah Sanskar throughout North India. However, Hindu marriage is called Kalyanam in South India. Each ritual of Hindu marriage has a distinct name, like Kanayadaan or giving the hand of the bride, Panigrahan or accepting the bride’s hand by the groom, and Saptapadi or taking seven steps together.

What do Hindu grooms wear at weddings?

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The wedding wear of the Indian groom can be of different bright colours and Sherwani is the most common choice of modern men in their marriages. Dhoti, Pathan coat, Jodhpuri suit, and Kurta pyjama are the other common wedding attires for Hindu grooms. These outfits should be made of silk or velvet, adorned with extensive embroideries and sequences. The grooms also wear a turban around the head and tie Sehra or a floral headdress before leaving for the bride’s place. They also wear a flower garland around their neck that is exchanged with the bride during the marriage ceremony.

What is a Baraat ceremony?

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Baraat ceremony is the procession that starts from the groom’s house and ends at the wedding venue. Traditionally, the groom rides a well-decked white mare and accompanied by his relatives and friends, who dance and sing throughout this procession. These people are termed as Baraatis and they are treated as special guests by the bride’s family, after reaching the wedding venue.

A Hindu marriage is a joyful occasion for all while the new couple ties the sacred knot to enjoy the marital bliss all through their lives.