Housewarming parties are thrown for celebrating the joy of buying a new house or flat, with the friends and the family members. But the new house owners like to express their joy, by sending beautiful house warming cards to their friends, while inviting them for the party. As these cards are not frequently used, there are very few card designers, who create this type of invitation cards.

House Warming Cards House Warming Cards

Tips on choosing attractive house warming invitations

    • In house warming invitations, usually a picture of a beautiful doorway or a sweet sketch of a cottage can be preferably used on the cover page of the card. Sometimes, sketch of a large mansion may also be imprinted on this invitation card.
    • Some people choose the cards to be in simple abstract designs, in a riot of colors, to represent the happiness of the sender, on owning the new home. In some cards, simply the words describing the new home in short; like "Home Sweet Home" or "Happy Home" or "Our Happy Place" are printed in artistic format and attractive colorings, over the cover page of the invitation card.
    • Some people also prefer the cartoons of the houses, which can seem to be interesting to the adults and the kids, mainly when the children are also requested to be brought along with their parents.
    • The wordings of these housewarming invitations must be filled with the feelings of joy and warmth in inviting the friends to share their joy. The address of the new house should be mentioned clearly, along with any landmark, so that the guests will not have any problem in finding out the new home of the host. Also, the date and time of the party need to be written on the card as well.
    • As the design of the card is kept to be very simple, the wordings are written over the cover page of the card, alongside the chosen design.

Though some people still send traditionally printed housewarming invitation cards; many people of the modern generation prefer to send digital invitation cards, for inviting their friends on their housewarming parties. Thus, they can choose the designs of these cards online and even customize the designs of these invitation cards, by adding the photos of the house owners to these cards; or by adding nice poems or quotations, regarding the joy of buying their new home. Some people even put minimized pictures of their newly purchased homes, instead of any design on these housewarming invitations.

These housewarming invitations are quite affordable in the online stores, where the customers can get a wide range of selection of these cards. But the cost depends on the type of design and the amount of customization used in creating these invitations.