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  1. Get The Right Indian Wedding Invitations For Your Special Day

    In this age of technology, people don't write letters or send greeting cards anymore. Everything has gone digital. Letters have been replaced by emails and chats, greeting cards have been replaced by Ecards and SMS. People nowadays prefer buying E-books rather than books.

    Indian Wedding Invitations

    In India, wedding invitations have stood the test of time. Today there are countless alternatives for invitation cards. Inspite of so many options Indians still prefer wedding cards instead of e-invites and sms.

    Personally delivering invitations are more appreciated than just sending ecards through emails. In India, families have made handwritten wedding invitations to their

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  2. Importance Of Bridal Dress In An Indian Wedding

    From the ancient times, India is known for its bridal attires. Indian bridal dresses are distinct from each other. India has numerous cultures from different regions. These differences in the culture can be seen in the designs of various Indian bridal wears from different states.

    Over that past couple of years the design of these bridal wears have changed a lot. New patterns and trends have evolved. Many couples today plan a wedding that is a blend of both traditional and modern trends. The wedding attires are specifically designed to suite such an occasion.


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