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  1. What to Register for Wedding?

    Everybody desires to enjoy the wedding season at the best. It is one of the grand celebrations that take place once in lifetime. Until and unless it is specified that you hardly wish for wedding presents from your nearest and dearest ones, having a registry allures your guests up to a high extent.

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    Tips for Registering for Wedding

    A registry permits them to pick from a wide selection of top gifts. A registry contributes in taking the guesswork out of the task thus alluring your honorable guests to

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  2. How to Make a Wedding Bouquet?

    A simple but elegant looking wedding bouquet is really an aesthetic inclusion in any occasion, whether it is wedding or any other occasion. It really contributes in enhancing the grace and grandeur of the occasion up to a certain extent.

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    Points to Ponder at the Time of Preparing Wedding Bouquet

    When it comes to the making of a bouquet, it remains no more a herculean task. Below are some vital points to ponder at the time of preparation of wedding bouquet:


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  3. When to Send Wedding Invitations?

    Wedding is one of the grand occasions in one's life. It is the only occasion that takes place only once in whole lifetime. Hence, it must be organized with grandeur and grace. It is none other than guests that contribute a lot in enhancing the glory of the occasion. Hence, they must be invited in an aesthetic manner.

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    Tips to be Followed for Sending Wedding Invitations

    Guys remain in a fix regarding the best time to send wedding invitations to their honorable guests. Below are best

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  4. How to Make a Wedding Cake?

    Wedding cake enhances the glory of wedding occasion up to a high extent. It really recalls those fond and memorable days spent altogether. All you need is too have enough time along with the desire and creativity to give rise to something special. Also, you may browse enough recipes and take the best idea.

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    Tips to Prepare a Wedding Cake

    Baking a wedding cake remains no more a mysterious task. Below are some easy to follow tips that are required at the time of making a delicious and remarkable wedding cake:

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  5. What to Wear to a Wedding?

    After getting an invitation for wedding, you must be on your way to get ready in the best possible manner. It is a fact that attire plays a vital role in enhancing the overall personality of the individual.

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    Tips for Selection the Best Wear for Wedding

    If you are in a fix regarding selection of the best attire for your forthcoming wedding function of your nearest one, then below are some easy to follow tips. They are:

    1. One should wear light weight outfits

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  6. How to Write Wedding Vows?

    Penning down of wedding vows is really an incredible way to personalize wedding ceremony. It is a golden opportunity to tell your own story followed by sharing your own heartfelt feelings in an open manner. Hence it is very much essential to come up with the right type of words so that it really sounds to be something creative.

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    Tips to be Followed for Writing of Wedding Vows

    Though a bit challenging, writing of heart touching wedding vows will really prove to be a fruitful one!

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