After getting an invitation for wedding, you must be on your way to get ready in the best possible manner. It is a fact that attire plays a vital role in enhancing the overall personality of the individual.

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Tips for Selection the Best Wear for Wedding

If you are in a fix regarding selection of the best attire for your forthcoming wedding function of your nearest one, then below are some easy to follow tips. They are:

1. One should wear light weight outfits

2. Suits and colorful dresses can be worn

3. Mixed dress codes can be a good idea

4. Dark color outfits

5. Costumes with ornaments

6. Cocktail dresses

7. Black dresses and formal wear

  • Lighter color dresses - In case the ceremony is going to take place in the morning, then it will be better to go with light weight dresses. It must be a bit less formal.
  • Sports coat and suit - Men must opt for suits that will make them look cool and casual. Women may opt for colorful dresses that include floral patterns.

  • Mixed colored dress codes - Mixed colored dress codes are valid in case of afternoon wedding invitations. Such attire will let you look cool enough.

  • Dark colored dresses - In case your wedding invitation is during evening, then you must opt for dark colored dresses. Men may opt for dark suits while women must go with wearing dark colored dresses like skirts and suits.

  • Ornamental costumes - Along with selection of rich and elegant fabrics, women may opt for wearing of ornamental jewelry. You may also combine an aesthetically designed bag.

  • Cocktail dresses - In case the invitation reflects cocktail dresses, then it is better to wear the dress code that is meant for an upscale party. Men may go for tuxedos, while women may go for chic dresses comprising of floral patterns.

  • Dark black or charcoal black - Though dark colored dresses are recommended in case of evening parties, you may also opt for navy blue colored or charcoal gray suit. Women may go with full length dress or shorter cocktail dresses.

  • Dressing in a formal manner - As a senior, you may opt for wearing of a black tie along with a full length dress or a tuxedo. Such a gracious combination will truly let you enjoy a gracious look.

These are some of the best and easy to follow dressing tips that will let you hold a gracious look during your wedding invitation party.