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  1. Common Indian Wedding Customs

    Customs and traditions are the crucial aspects of every Indian wedding. In India, every festive occasion provides you a chance to experience different cultures . In India, every state has multiple traditions depending on the religion, dialect, caste and ethnicity. Many customs in India are followed since ancient times. These traditions are different for all religions, this makes Indian weddings even more interesting.

    As a couple, you should respect and obey these customs and norms even after the wedding. These customs may seem to be extreme but the fact is that they have played an important role in strengthening bonds of countless marriages.

    Indian Wedding Customs

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  2. Why Wedding Photography Is Considered To Be An Art?

    There is nothing as special as wedding, because this special occasion gives a kick start towards the beginning of a new journey. To be precise, this day is all about the reflection of you giving rise to new family life. This day will be memorable for the rest part of your life. This day will enable you to celebrate love for your beloved and enjoy at the best.

    Indian Wedding Photography Indian Wedding Photography | Image Resource :

    Compilation of Wedding Photography - An Art

    Wedding being highly an occasion full of joyous occasions, most of the people prefer capturing some of the most memorable moments in a

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  3. Few Indian Wedding Quotes For Expressing The Joy Of Marriage

    The invitation cards play very important roles in informing the guests about the details of the wedding and invite them cordially to join the wedding functions. Therefore, the wordings of these invitation cards should be selected carefully, to express the love and honor of the wedding couple for the invited guests. But there are some common Indian wedding quotes that the professional wedding card designers can suggest to their clients for relieving them the effort of searching suitable wordings.

    Indian Wedding Quotes Indian Wedding Quotes

    Most important Indian wedding quotes used in invitation cards

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