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  1. Muslim Wedding Invitations: 6 Best Styles for Your Big Day

    Muslim Wedding Invitations

    When it comes to a Muslim wedding, the invitation is the first thing that sets the tone for the event. Beautiful Muslim wedding invitations not only convey the important details of the wedding but also reflect the couple's style and taste. From traditional to contemporary, there are many styles of Muslim wedding invitations to choose from. Here are six of the best styles perfect for your big day.

    1. Unique Touch with Portray

    Portray is a beautiful Muslim wedding invitation style with intricate designs and calligraphy. It is perfect for couples who want a traditional touch to their invitation. Portray invitations are made of high-quality paper and feature gold or silver foil accents.

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  2. Islamic Wedding Cards: Tips for Designing Unique Muslim Wedding Invitations

    Islamic Wedding Cards

    A wedding is one of the most critical events in a Muslim couple's life, and the wedding invitation card is a crucial element that sets the tone for the entire celebration. Muslim wedding cards should be aesthetically pleasing and convey the event's religious and cultural significance. Here you get some effective suggestions to design unique Muslim wedding cards that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

    1. Choose the Right Colors

    Colors play a significant role in Islamic culture; each color has a different meaning. For example, green is associated with life, prosperity, and fertility, while gold symbolizes wealth and luxury. Choosing colors that reflect the couple's personalities

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  3. Hindu Wedding Card Symbols : The Different types

    Hindu Wedding Card

    Hindu weddings are known for their grandeur and extravagance. The rituals and traditions that are followed during a Hindu wedding reflect India's rich cultural heritage. The wedding card is one of the significant aspects of a Hindu wedding. Hindu wedding cards are adorned with various symbols that hold significant meaning. This article will state the multiple symbols used in Hindu wedding cards.

    1. Om Symbol

    The Om symbol is the most commonly used symbol in Hindu wedding cards. This symbol is considered sacred in Hinduism, and people believe it represents the universe's sound. Furthermore, it is often used at the beginning of Hindu mantras and is believed to be a powerful symbol of spiritual awakening.

    2. Swastika Symbol

    The Swastika symbol is

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  4. Components Of Hindu Wedding Invitation: The Amazing Cards!

    Hindu Wedding Invitation

    Exclusive Hindu wedding invitations are an essential part of Indian weddings. They are not just mere pieces of paper but a reflection of a couple's personality and style. Hindu weddings are all about vibrant colors, grandeur, and tradition, and it's no wonder the wedding invitations reflect the same.

    This article will explore the various components that make exclusive Hindu wedding invitations amazing.

    1. The Vibrant Colors:

    Colors are an integral part of Hindu wedding invitations. Indian weddings are known for their vibrancy, and the wedding invitations reflect the same. The color palette of Hindu wedding invitations can range from bold and bright

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  5. Indian Wedding Cards Give Meaning To The Joyful Occasion In Great Measures

    Indian Wedding Cards

    Planning a wedding is never tough; planning one where true reverence and love for relationships is displayed at every event needs work. The joy of inviting guests and having them grace the big day is special indeed. Inviting guests is the tradition followed in weddings and the Indian wedding top it with grandeur. The invitations are selected, the details are printed and then you have the most beautiful ceremony with happy guests.

    The invitations are the first snippet of your wedding to reach your guests. It should speak about how happy you are to have your guests when you exchange vows. It is to be treasured as a souvenir of your special day. Choosing the perfect marriage card that speaks for you inviting the wedding party is vital. All you need to say and mean can be so elegantly put in the wedding card of your dreams. The options are endless when it comes to choosing the card. Online platforms have numerous templates

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  6. Design Quirky And Amazing Indian Wedding Cards And Surprise Your Guests

    Brilliant Indian Wedding Invitations

    The world is getting smaller every day. We all live in an interconnected circle of acquaintances. The social network has widened so much that we no longer find it difficult to communicate and find other’s common interests. The ideas that you need on anything are a stone’s throw away and the internet is so full of the Do-It-Yourself ideas which are simple, doable and highly profiting. This web of information comes handy when you want to plan a wedding within a budget and make everyone including yourself happy while you are at it. The options these days are too ready in hand so you can plan a wedding one day and get married the next with all its grandeur.

    Wedding invitations are the epitome where all your efforts are demanded. Indian weddings expect a lot of guests for each event in weddings are not spared. The happiness that is contagious in having your loved ones blessing you

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  7. Notable Islamic Wedding Rituals as Per the Muslim Traditions

    Islamic Wedding Rituals

    Islamic Wedding Rituals | images.

    Muslim couples all over the world prefer to hold their weddings strictly abiding by the rules mentioned in the Holy Quran. There are several wedding rituals that are diligently observed in all Islamic weddings. Millions of Muslim couples follow these rituals with the help of their families while tying the marital knot. Some of these rituals are conducted before the wedding and some are done after the main wedding ceremony. In many Muslim wedding invitations, the dates and times of these rituals are also mentioned for the convenience of wedding guests.

    Salatul Ishtikara – This pre-wedding ritual is the official announcement of Muslim marriage in the presence of families of both bride and groom. T

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  8. Grab The Scroll Wedding Invitations Online For All the Regal Magnificence In Your Dream Wedding

    Scroll Wedding Invitations

    Indian Weddings and the magnitude of joy and cheer that’s expected in them is incomparable. Thus, every bride, groom and family become nervous bundles with cold feet on the big day no matter how well prepared they are. Though these clashes of emotions are common, with recent optimizations in wedding planning, inviting guests just got a lot easier and better.

    Wedding invitations are the official announcements of your wedding that reach the guests. While there are infinite number of designs available, the recent trend setters in Exclusive Indian Wedding Invitations are the scroll type of invites.

    Designing and customizing a scroll invitation isn’t easy but doable. Pure creative ideas can be amazingly brought to paper form in utter perfection. The scroll invites have the invitation paper running vertically between two rods mimicking ancient letter formats. Royalty is even mor

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  9. Let Your Wedding Cheer Begin With The Digital Wedding Cards

    Digital Wedding Cards

    We live in a world that’s digitalised to unknown bounds. From ordering groceries to installing towers, our earth runs on numbers displayed in screens. Indian weddings are also becoming modernized in more ways than one. Precision and perfection are the norms of weddings as they are modernized in all fronts.

    The Perfect Indian Marriage Card Online Is Yours Just The Way You Like It

    Wedding Invitations have also seen the sunnier side of digitalization. Digital Wedding Cards have innumerable benefits when compared to the conventionally printed cards. The e- invites are also preferred as they are easy to design and distribute.

    Listed below are the reasons to convince you why digital wedding invitations a

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  10. The Indian Wedding Invitation Designs Have All The Charm To Make Your Wedding Theme Magical

    Indian Wedding Invitation Designs

    When you think about weddings, you have the bride dressed in her choice of attire, an impatient groom standing on the mandap or at the altar wishing the bride to hurry down the aisle. This is all so romantic and heartwarming and to achieve this involves mighty planning and execution.

    Everyone these days prefers a wedding of mixed ideas and tradition, shedding the conventional monotoned themes. Indian couples go for creative themes to give a personalized flare of perfection that can’t be forgotten but easy to beget.

    Elevate The Glamour Of Your Theme Wedding With Custom Made Indian Marriage Invitations

    A themed wedding is no longer a thing to observe at other weddings, but something which can be included in your wedding as well. Plenty of well curated themes for Indian weddings are n

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