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  1. How to Hire Good Asian Wedding Photographers in London?

    The UK is home to large population of Indian expatriates (1.45 million according to 2011) census. London, the capital is home to a large Indian population as well. To make traditional Indian weddings stand out, NRIs often look for the services of good Asian wedding photographers based in London. However, finding the services of a professional wedding photographer can be a time-consuming task. If your family is based in London and you plan to make an impending wedding celebrations a grand one, then you need to follow a number of steps mentioned below to hire a professional wedding photographer: -

    Asian Wedding Photographers

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  2. Tips To Arrange Punjabi Matrimony in Canada

    Canada has a large population of Indians; majority of whom are Punjabis. Since the beginning of the 20th century, Punjabis have settled across the different parts of Canada such as Ottawa, Vancouver, Toronto etc. Many of them have risen to eminent positions on the dint of their merit and hard work. However, Punjabis who have settled in Canada over the last few decades usually want their children to marry within their community. If you are planning for the wedding of someone who has attained a marriageable age within your family, then you should follow a number of steps mentioned below while look for Punjabi matrimonials in Canada: -

    Punjabi Matrimony in Canada

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  3. Things To Look for in Indian Wedding Planners in USA

    Indian weddings are known for their elaborate rituals. However, despite a large population of Indians in the US, NRIs often find it difficult to find an Indian wedding planner who can organize weddings within their families in a traditional Indian manner. The wedding rituals between different ethnic groups among Indians is quite different and this makes wedding planner selection a tough task for wedding events. Here are some areas that you need to focus upon while looking for Indian wedding planners in America: -

    Indian Wedding Planners in USA Indian Wedding Planners in USA | Image Resource :

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