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  1. Win A Million Hearts And Set A New Style Statement By Unique Wedding Invites!

    Like a breath of fresh air, there are innovations taking place in every aspect of Indian weddings. Previously the younger generation would be looking up to elders for guiding them on wedding card designs. However, doing a volte-face is the new generation with out-of-the-world ideas and trendy cards that becomes the talk of the town!

    The good news is that the parents are also giving due consideration and slowly absorbing the views and ideas of the younger generation. This is clearly visible in all ways, in the wedding dress, decorations and hold your breath and also in the printing of Designer wedding cards!

    Traditional Wedding Cards went with the wind!

    Time was when the invitations were simply worded and the paper of the cards was just a plain colorful sheet with some designs. Not anymore!

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  2. Importance Of Wedding Cards In India

    The majority of people believe in marriage. Wedding is considered as a once in a lifetime occasion. This is the reason why Indian weddings are so grand. This auspicious occasion is celebrated with great energy and enthusiasm.

    In India weddings, guests are given great importance. They are considered Gods. The blessing of the wedding guest is considered a noble act for the bride and groom. That is why guests are invited in a wedding.

    Wedding Cards In India

    Wedding Cards In India

    The best way of inviting people is through wedding cards. Being invited to a wedding is considered to be a great honor. Wedding cards in India are made to serve this purpose. Therefore,

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