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  1. Diverse Cuisine presented at Indian weddings

    Indian weddings are an elaborate affair. The geography, region, state, caste etc.. dictate the rituals. Each region has a different unique traditional cuisine. With the changing times and exposure to a variety of cuisine and people. A lot has changed at the weddings. People are adopting from other regions and culture and modifying their own ceremonies to make them memorable and an enjoyable affair for the bride and the groom.

    Cuisine at Indian weddings Cuisine at Indian weddings | Image Resource :

    Things like a Bachlerrote party, cocktail parties followed by the traditional ritual, mehendi and sangeet ceremonies adopted by the south Indians [who don't have it

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  2. 20 Steps For Planning A Perfect Indian Wedding

    Here are 20 steps to plan a memorable wedding :

    Set your wedding budget : While planning a wedding make sure you have a budget. This prevents you from going overboard. It helps you to plan realistically.

    Set a time frame for planning all activities : This technique can be very beneficial if you don't have a huge amount of time for planning. Setting a timeline can help you plan everything perfectly.

    planning a perfect Indian wedding planning a perfect Indian wedding | Image Resource :

    Maintaining records :

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