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  1. Modern Styles In Indian Wedding Card Designs

    The modern Indian has superior tastes. He prefers invitation cards that are stylish and elegant. The Indian wedding card design preferred by the modern Indian couple have some unique aspects that make them special. Here we have listed these aspects. Read to know the specific tastes of young Indian couples.

    Design Simplicity

    Simple designs usually look elegant and attractive. The youngsters therefore always opt for simple designs for wedding invitation cards. These designs may include traditional patterns like the Paisley pattern or the floral pattern.

    Embellished With Elegance

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  2. Various Mehendi Options For The Bride On Her Special Day

    Mehendi is actually a paste that is created from the powdered henna, turmeric and some other natural objects. It is mostly used to decorate the hands and the feet of the brides and considered as the most important pre-wedding ritual, in case of Indian marriages. This tradition is an ancient one, as the word 'mehendi' is derived from the Sanskrit word 'Mendhika' and it is mentioned in the Hindu Vedic texts, the most ancient religious scripts of India.

    Various Mehendi Options For Wedding Various Mehendi Options For Wedding | Image Resource :

    Usually mehendi is stuffed into a cone and various artistic designs are made with

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