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  1. Lavish Wedding Costumes Are The Trend Setters For Indian Women

    The Phrase 'A Big Fat Indian Wedding' is most suitable to the extravagant weddings of the opulent and the celebrities of the country. From decor to attire, food and entertainment the opulent weddings invite the guests to an extravagant experience and also create a buzz all over the world. Even the modest families plan lavish weddings in India with eye-catching decor, variety of food, music and dance, colorfully dressed guests etc. You can now imagine the extent of grandeur in the weddings of the opulent and celebs in India.

    Wedding Costumes For Indian Women Wedding Costumes For Indian Women | Image Resource :

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  2. The Big Fat Indian Wedding Scene

    India as a country clings on to its rich heritage. Festivities form an important part in the lives of people here. Weddings are special private events where people spend their savings and turn them to mega events. Celebrities are known to organize their weddings in a grand scale and people watch out for such weddings. It is indeed a pleasure to witness celebrity weddings through social media and people look forward to get clippings of such weddings.

    Big Fat Indian Wedding Scene Big Fat Indian Wedding Scene | Image Resource :

    Celebrities from sports and cinema often organize mega weddings. Some weddings

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  3. Top 5 famous Indian Celebrities Who Married Old Man

    Marrying a guy much older than you can sometimes create hype in the society, isn't it! But at the end, what matters is your love and understanding towards your partner. Talking about the same, here is the list of famous Indian celebrities who married an older man and cherish their love life:

    Saira Banu & Dilip Kumar Saira Banu & Dilip Kumar | Image Resource :

    1. Saira Banu & Dilip Kumar: Well who doesn't know this famous couple! Dilip Kumar was madly in love with Saira Banu when she was just a young girl. Their secret to a successful marriage is the understanding between them both and how smartly they handle their age difference. Saira Banu is a classic woman

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  4. South Indian Wedding Customs And Rituals: Rituals Having Deep Significance

    Indian weddings are auspicious events and they are celebrated in style with the accompaniment of dance and music. Indians love celebrations and weddings are no exception. The rituals and the celebration style differ from region to region. North Indian and south Indian weddings differ a lot in terms of rituals, timings and scale of events. Some prefer simple temple weddings while others prefer big gala events. The very essence of celebration is not lost and people look forward to weddings unmindful of the scale of celebrations.

    South Indian Wedding Customs And Rituals South Indian Wedding Customs And Rituals

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  5. Useful Tips To Look For Indian Wedding Planner In UK

    Wedding is an important event and a memory to be cherished for lifelong for both the parents and the couples to-be. The process starts as soon as the wedding is solemnized. The preparations and rituals vary depending on the faith to which the couples belong. Once the wedding is fixed lot of arrangements are around the corner and the couples wish that everything should go smooth and flawless. Planning the events skill fully from booking the venue, getting the invitations, deciding the decor, etc is a task which is overwhelming and at times nerve wrecking.

    Indian Wedding Planner Indian Wedding Planner | Image Resource :

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  6. Top five tips for selecting best wedding favors for bridal marriage

    Well, one cannot really run from timeless tradition of weddings like giving away wedding favors. Then, why don't you just plan to present the same most elegantly? Choosing the wedding favors and how to present the same to your guest is a brain-storming challenge. With the help of the following tips on selecting and wrapping the Indian wedding favors will help you lose your burden from your shoulders:

    Indian Wedding Favors Indian Wedding Favors

    • Presentation matters: Well you don't
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  7. How And Where To Look For A Perfect Hindu Wedding Invitation Card

    What is the first thing that comes to your mind when your wedding date is finally announced? Well, it's your wedding card and how to choose the best wedding card for your wedding! You think it's tough? Well, it is! Because choosing the best from Hindu Wedding invitation cards that perfectly reflects your emotions is challenging.

    Hindu Wedding Invitation Card Hindu Wedding Invitation Card

    You might have troubled your feet and finished the fuel of your car by visiting various wedding cards

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